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  1. yeah, I was definitely below those minimums when I aquired a visual . Thanks.
  2. I definitely tried to use the mouse zoom on the approach plate with no success but if you say it can be done then I will assume I was doing something stupid. "You guys have to improve your IFR flying skills" - Vibora I completed mission one on my first attempt thank you very much Now as for mission two...
  3. Thanks Eduardo, I saw that shortened approach plate in the briefing but I couldn't enlarge it and my eyes are too old to make much out of it I must have got lucky then. When I first saw the runway it was on my right but I was able to sidestep and set down alright. If those runway conditions weren't to minimums they were awfully close.
  4. Did I miss a copy of the Batumi approach plate for mission one or was one not included? I didn't see it on the kneeboard or briefing but it would be super useful to have after being told to perform an ILS landing. Also, the briefing shows the flightplan and has you tracking outbound from Kutaisi VOR to Batumi. The voice instructions however say track to LU NDB. If you don't know that LU is at Batumi it can be a scramble to find it on the F10 map. Where do campaigns go in DCS? I was looking for them but couldn't find the official ones included with the client, only th
  5. "You are flying with partialy missing wings. There is still some lift and other forces acting, taking into account the changes in lift surfaces" I think it is fair to say that the modeling in DCS is complicated and sometimes these things happen in a simulation designed to run on consumer grade computers.
  6. And a quick video of what happens after the wings are ripped off. https://youtu.be/AZiNFXfvvVc To confirm, it is the wings coming off due to excessive forces on pullup. I can reproduce 10 out of 10 times. Load 4 Mk82's on pylons, roll into 30 degree dive, accelerate to 350kts, pull up sharply, (not sharp enough = no joy, pull up too sharp = you blackout and wake up to a spin) enjoy the ride. Last month I would usually feel a little "bump" and then look around to find my wings were gone. While trying to reproduce the last two days, the wings are departing about a sec
  7. Thanks for the reply. Happened to me again today except this time it happened when dropping practice bombs so I stand corrected that it is not blast damage that is causing the issue. I had practice bombs on the inner pylons and regular Mk82's on the outer pylons so I believe I am overstressing the wings on the pullout. I just reviewed the Tacview and it shows the aircraft being destroyed when the wings come off but continues recording ... nothing for another fifteen minutes while I flew back and landed. i wish I had the video just prior because the tacview
  8. I am not sure if damage modeling is more of an ED controlled thing or something AvioDev is responsible for but I have managed to blow both of my own wings off several times now and still remain in control the aircraft. I have been exploring Mk82 dive bombing profiles in the C-101. Despite the dive tables in the Chuck's Guide manuals showing release altitudes down to 500 feet, I find sometimes when I release around 1000 feet agl or lower I take blast damage from my own Mk82's. The most common damage I receive is both wings get removed with flames coming out of the stubs
  9. After having a lot of issues early on with track files I have come to understand that the harder my computer is working the worse the track file is. Flying over the desert in the Persian gulf my track files are perfect. The harder my computer works to keep up with the graphics, the more likely a control input will fail to be recorded resulting in a bad track file. Flying over Haifa on the new Syrian map my track files are an absolute mess. Tips for better track files are, 1.) pick areas with low ground details on the map and missions with few units to control, keep your graph
  10. "Deflecting the control stick fully to one side makes the ball, in the slip ball indicator, slide completely to one side" Huh... that's definitely not my experience. From the front seat with no rudder input. https://youtu.be/RQpFVfv5iBI I haven't really compared to other DCS aircraft. I am just comparing to my experience flying actual airplanes. I have never flown a C101 or anything similar to it though so that is why I am just questioning it, and not critisizing it. It appeared like an aircraft with an interconnect system or SAS which is why I started a
  11. Well, yes, there is some adverse yaw. However it is so slight as to be neglible and from a sim perspective there is no need to add rudder input. That is what made me wonder if the C101 had an interconnect. I just went back to check. I am using the lastest open beta. My most violent aileron inputs barely gets the slip ball to touch the centering lines. From an external view, looking straight down, the nose deviates... 20-30cm? So, yes, you are correct it is modeled but it is very slight. I would have expected more from an airframe that is so short coupled.
  12. The C101 module exhitibits virtually no adverse yaw in DCS. The slip ball does quiver slightly with a roll input suggesting something is being modeled but the effect is so slight as to be non-extistent. There is certainly no need to add rudder input when initiating a normal banked turn. I am curious, does the "real life" C101 have an aileron/rudder interconnect system of some sort or is this just a gap in the modeling?
  13. Yes, thanks. I was hoping to go a bit deeper than manual because the manual doesn't really cover much.
  14. Does anyone know of an english language source for explaining the navigation control in the Su-25 "A" ? If that doesn't exist is there anyone that can tell me the labeling for the lights on the control box? I think I understand, "start position", "destination airport", "approach mode" and the first four waypoints but that is only half of the lights on the box. Also, there appears to be only four lights for identifying waypoints set in the mission editor but if the mission has more than four waypoints, the system will continue to cycle me through additional waypoints a
  15. The F5 snakeeye data on the ED download site starts with a release interval of 100ms and goes up from there. |That interval results in some pretty tight spacing at 500 kts and 400 feet agl. Once I started releasing at 100ms interval or more I stopped blowing myself up. And for what its worth, max release speed of the snakeeye (by the book not what ED models) is about 550 kts if I remember correctly. The inflatable fin HD bombs can be released at a somewhat faster speed.
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