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  1. 2 more weeks with broken F14, broken HMCS, broken phoenix, sparrow problems probably many more... Way to go.
  2. Thanks Bankler for this awesome mission. Should really be included with FA-18 and Tomcat by default!
  3. Just tried, wouldn't say so. The B still feels like a fat cow in the turns at low speeds.
  4. hi, seems to work fine after recent patches. Thanks
  5. That’s an air start mission which logically should have HMD removed by default as in previous mission you start with NVG (you are supposed, at least)
  6. You can easily do this with late activation currently.
  7. So M14 an 15 are considered as same sortie, right? In this case WPT order and kneeboard is different between the two. For example, ROCK is WPT 8 in m14 and WPT9 in mission 15.
  8. After new update you can have either HMD or NVG, not both at the same time. In mission 14 it makes sense to start with NVG but mission 15 starts with HMD installed.
  9. Hi! Mission 14 must've been replaced with some kind of test build in one of the previous updates as I am getting all the messages like 'Flip in zone' 'Tron in zone', 'SA15 missile 1', etc.
  10. Here’s the fix for your problem. Repeat after every update. Currently, the options for trim tabs don’t work from settings menu.
  11. Try keeping your vertical speed at some constant value (say 3 m/s) for 1 minute and check altitude delta (should be 180 meters). That’d be much more accurate.
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