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  1. Today is literally the only time I regret not being on Steam
  2. No news on Phoenix going dumb just before impact?
  3. There’s no g limiter in Russian planes. By punching the S key you go into ‘direct control mode’. Normal controls don’t limit G but add stability as the airplanes themselves are aerodynamically unstable.
  4. Yep, Viper was also clean and approx 80% of fuel. I'm actually able to at least match the hornet at 430-440 IAS but then the GLOC kicks in and here we go: either i soften the backpressure and gain speed or I go out of burner and loose that energy. I understand the G is there but i remember reading Viper pilots are trained to sustain 9g to like 12 seconds without even color loss. Here you completely black out after about 7 sec (feels like this, didn't measure it) Yep but Viper was also clean
  5. Any word on performance with shadows on? thanks
  6. I like BFM and usually fly hornet for this purpose but recently I started adding some viper. here what I observed: Hornet, about 7000 lbs of fuel, no pylons, sea level. I’m able to sustain 7.5g at around 380-390 kts. Viper can take about 6 g at best at this speed without loosing energy. is this expected behavior? I’d expect vipers tr to be better due to better tw ratio. Apologies if the question is stupid. Just curious.
  7. Didn’t think of it this way actually, would be good chance. Too bad I bought myself a new monitor
  8. 2 more weeks with broken F14, broken HMCS, broken phoenix, sparrow problems probably many more... Way to go.
  9. Thanks Bankler for this awesome mission. Should really be included with FA-18 and Tomcat by default!
  10. Just tried, wouldn't say so. The B still feels like a fat cow in the turns at low speeds.
  11. hi, seems to work fine after recent patches. Thanks
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