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  1. So my relationship with spit is now official!
  2. You're the man Scoobie! Thanks a lot mate, Spitfire it is then. I just needed that little kick in the 'right' direction
  3. I meant ‘FPS’ performance. Still running a gtx 1060 here thank you guys for all your input here. I think I’ll go with the Spitfire initially and see how this goes and then on sale buy remaining 2.
  4. Thank you for reply! How are all 3 stand graphics wise and performance wise? A friend of mine told me that P51 is Mig 15 level and P47 is F14. Is that true? Frankly speaking, I like messing with engine controls and tweak things so now you got me leaning towards P47. Also regarding the Spit and it’s trickiness to fly, I love taming difficult planes in dcs. I probably would just buy all three back in 2019 with no hesitation but the COVID... Now getting less then minimal wage being an ATP lol so have to choose wisely.
  5. The TF is exactly what got me into choosing ww2 module I’m leaning towards The spit but Jug seems like the most developed module atm and value for money seems to be the highest. Thanks for advise but I wanted to start with an allied plane. Is it true that the Jugs engine management is rather tough?
  6. Hi all, Im interested in jumping into DCS WW2 theater but I’m genuinely confused about what airplane I want to go with. I feel like I’m mostly interested in air to air combat but I guess I will want a2g sometimes. Is jug a good choice to go with right now? Is it capable in a2a? Actually I like the looks of Spit and relative simplicity of Mustang but are they on par with the jug development wise? Thanks all for your input!
  7. Seems about right. Another workaround I was able to find is switch to auto handoff, when at about 7 nm from the target, put the mav seeker just in front of the target, press tms up short and that should let mav to lock up. Actually the problem is not with the maverick, as I understand but rather with TGP designation as if you look at the hud, TGP designation stays where you went for point track rather than moves with the tracked target.
  8. Hi all, I think I have the mavs figured out when it comes to static targets but seem to struggle with the moving ones. What is correct procedure? Auto handoff or manual? When I go tms up for ptrk mav LOS does not follow TGP LOS anymore. thanks for your suggestions in advance!
  9. Hi BN! Thanks for answer, was just wondering has the team switch already happened or needed a bit more time. Thanks for your work!
  10. Hello, Now that the hornet got most of its features done after the latest update, has any team members switched to the viper team or not yet? Can we hope for some increased pace of work for the 16? Thanks!
  11. You guys just seem to know everything here! Thanks for explanations, I thought sea mode on hornet was responsible for some kind of delayed fusing or smth. I will give 65G a go and see if the results are similar. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all, Is there a mode/fuse setting for f16 mags similar to the hornet’s ship mode? in the bug I can take a Grisha ship down with like 3 missiles while in the Viper they don’t seem to deal any significant damage.
  13. Thank you all for your answers!
  14. Hi What is the correct way to bore sight mavs - in the air or on the ground? If on the ground, what shall be the distance to boresighting “target”? thanks
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