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  1. I often found myself skidding off the deck of the carrier in a hornet and ejecting just to drop through the water which kind of ruins the immersion for me. I really hope that a floating pilot model could be implemented since 95% of the Marianna's map is water and combine that with rookie supercarrier ops makes a good reason for CSAR missions and floating pilot animations. Let's hope that the F10 ejected pilot markers are a teaser for what's to come. Also maybe one day we will get a remodelled SH60 please ED... Regards GL
  2. It is amazing that I am thinking exactly the same thoughts as stated in this forum, and yet here we are: Q4 2021. I'll give it to ED, the super carrier and Marianna's are amazing terrains/assets and they set the perfect backdrop for the need of at least a reworked ai SH60. Would be great for a mod to drop in and fill the gap in the mean time. Regards GL
  3. Do you think it is a related game problem (not mods)?
  4. Hi everyone, these mods are all great including USS America! A big thank you to Admiral I am just wondering where I could look for help. My problem: recently my ai harriers in mission would take off LHAs (Tarawa) with a realistic payload (around 60% fuel and full pylons) and they would roll down the deck with thrusters at 45 degrees (like in reality) and successfully take off and do their mission and then come back and land with no issue at all . However I don’t know if this coincides with the latest OB update, but when I was testing them on the America and now Tarawa, they do not take off unless empty with around 10% fuel and no munitions. And when empty they do a fully vertical takeoff and appear very buggy. I have read and found this ai problem dates back to 2018 but was resolved with updates. Anyone else experiencing this resurfaced problem? Regards GL
  5. Anyone got this problem in the latest version of dcs 2.7 OB? Literally exactly the same problem has reared it’s head for me in the past week or so…
  6. The units do not show on the f10 map and although you can see them on the ground they are static and don’t interact in game for me. I’m running the latest open beta Regards
  7. Hi SUNTSAG, I can confirm this as well. Wonderful mod - I downloaded it and worked perfectly on an older version of dcs, however does not seem to work on this latest version of OB. The troops appear to be standing but "dead" and I cannot view them on the F10 map. You can see them in ME but in game they do not move. Regards
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