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  1. Thank you. Was looking for a way to edit presets but didn't think to click there. Cheers
  2. Where do we set that at? checked the weather section of the mission editor and the graphics settings but didn't see an option for it.
  3. Are the runway spotlights supposed to be this bright? I noticed the same thing when flying the Huey, but as soon as I took off this bright effect went away and it looked more natural.
  4. I have a similar issue with the Harrier, F-16 and C-101, and F-5. Problem is they don't show as install in the game so there's no way to deactivate them there. Can I delete the folders?
  5. Fixed for me on the very latest update. Only checked in F18 so far. Didn't have to do anything other than update.
  6. Noticed FPS was a little higher and wondered why. Then I saw the clouds looked different so maybe that had something to do with it.
  7. Is that camera view via Mouse in the Axis menu? I tried removing both the general and aircraft specific assignments and it made no difference (still was active). Invert doesn't work either.
  8. Sorry don't know any details just saw it mentioned in the promo post.
  9. Finally got mine to go through at the pub three hours later.
  10. Thanks. I don't see it charged in Paypal. But I know when I've purchased in the past it takes a while to show up in DCS, not sure if there's a delay in seeing it in Paypal as didn't check that before.
  11. Struggling to make purchase here for 15 min. Paypal went through but timing out going back.
  12. Glad to see this was posted. Made a thread in a sub forum (realize was not the best one now) and didn't get any responses so thought it was just me: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=287118 Deleting the config files didn't help either.
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