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  1. Lol, maybe I didn't write it clear what I meant, I was talking about killing the AI pilot, and not shooting down the plane, roflmfao. Of course I shoot AI Dora down with Mustang like 99% of time. Now I even managed to kill the pilot also, so it seems that they have changed something, but it would be nice if they write "we changed it", so that I can say "thank you".
  2. That happens with my custom P-51D livery that I made. When I replace it with some of the original American liveries in the mission editor for example, and start the mission, the pilot has the proper leather WWII helmet. So it is probably something in Description LUA file, but I can't figure out what it is by myself. They provide texture templates, but they don't provide some default Description LUA file, so I needed to take it from the Italian Mustang, since it is the only model with the four DDS files just like in the texture template, other models have more or less and different
  3. My mission date is September 1st 1944 on the Normandy map. When the mission loads, my pilot has the modern helmet. But if I change the livery, then he gets the leather WWII helmet.
  4. Why are not all nations allowed when creating a mission? I want to create a mission with Serbian P-51, but that is not possible. But it is possible to create a Serbian P-47, MiG-21, and M-2000C in a mission. Why is that restriction?
  5. How come that the Mustang pilot has a black leather helmet in online servers, but when I try to create a mission, he has a modern white helmet? Can I make him have that leather helmet in a custom mission I create?
  6. Yay, I managed to do it, mystery is resolved, now it's possible.
  7. My first skin ever made, a fictional RYAF Mustang. Happy New Year! P-51D Royal Yugoslav Air Force - Chetnik It is the summer of 1944. The Chetniks in Serbia are saving American pilots downed by the Germans. A Mustang pilot has crash-landed on the Chetnik territory. He was rescued during the famous Halyard Mission. His Mustang has remained in the Chetnik service. Repaired, and repainted into the Royal Yugoslav Air Force livery, it is flown by a mysterious pilot with the call sign Silent Film, against the German occupiers of Yugoslavia, but also against the Yugoslav partisans and t
  8. I'll give it a try. I just feel 100% safe with the engine if I set both MPR and RPM at around 95%, that way I don't need to think about the engine anymore, and can concentrate on flying. 0.86 x 61 = 52.46 ~ 53 :-) 0.86 x 30 = 25.8 ~ 26 0.95 x 61 = 57.95 ~ 58 0.95 x 30 = 28.5 I use MPR/RPM combination 53/26 ("86%") for flying around and for ground attack, and 58/28.5 ("95%") for dogfight.
  9. No. It depends on the speed. More speed equals better engine cooling. You can run the engine on 100% for hours safely if you have enough speed for the air flow to cool the engine. But when you are climbing or turning, the speed goes down, and so the engine cooling also gets worse because of the less air flow. But from my experience, 95% MPR/RPM is safe for dogfight. And 95% really makes a difference in comparison to default 86%. In the beginning, I was dogfighting AI Dora usually for half an hour every time with 86% MPR/RPM. But when I switched to 95% MPR/RPM, now my dogfights with AI Dora usu
  10. Spitfire was designed for aerobatic flying, Mustang was designed for speed, that is the main difference. First of all, you should regard Mustang as a racing plane and not an aerobatic plane, due to its laminar wing profile which gives better speed but provides less lift than a traditional wing profile. But in reality, Mustang can turn pretty good, you just need to learn the technique how to do a turn in a Mustang. Naturally, you just want to pull the stick, but that action would make a Mustang stall or roll, because of the mentioned laminar wing profile. So, you need to begin a tur
  11. I fly a Mustang, and I dogfight mostly AI Dora, then some AI Mustang, and little AI Kurfürst. Against Kurfürst it is the most easy to kill the AI pilot in a dogfight. Against Mustang it is possible but not often. But against Dora, it is impossible to kill the AI pilot during a dogfight. It must be some bug or a glitch.
  12. Yes! Boeing 727-200 Adv, please! With cool liveries, like PSA with Smiley, and classical JAT.
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