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  1. Both are difficult in their own way. P-47 gives me headaches, because of it being so heavy and turning so quickly, I am actually not sure whether it's realistic that P-47 turns so tightly, looses the speed to quickly in turn or climb, and also the gun sight is positioned too low. On the other hand, P-51 is much lighter, you can maintain high speed more easily, you can climb, but turning is a bit tricky, you must learn how to do it, but it's got superior gun sight. So I would definitely recommend P-51.
  2. Biplanes! Of course. Nieuport XI Bébé in the first place.
  3. Why to introduce the "30" model anyways, it just got two antennas instead of one. The same with the P-47, why three variants, when the "40" variant is the best, and the other two bring nothing useful.
  4. Yes, actually, it would be nice, plus a Mustang livery contest.
  5. I did it, and after that I once again needed to assign keyboard bindings for landing gear "G" and wheel brakes "W", as well as all custom bindings too. But I am still not confident that something is not missing, to be honest.
  6. Ah, so "Saved Games > DCS > Config > Input > M-2000C". Thank you!
  7. I suppose that's in "Mods > aircraft > M-2000C > Input > M-2000C" folder? Do I have to delete only keyboard bindings, or from all five folders? And what about that "name.lua" file, to delete everything?
  8. What does that mean, I should delete all keyboard control bindings, and then new ones will appear?
  9. I wasn't flying the Mirage for a week or so. Today, when I took off, the landing gear wouldn't go up when I pressed "G". I thought it was because of some damage to the aircraft, so I decided to land. Then the wheel brakes wouldn't work when I pressed "W". I asked the ground crew for repair, but it wasn't needed. Then I decided to check the controls, and I discovered that the landing gear toggle control "G" assignment was missing, and also the wheel brakes control "W" assignment was missing. I have added them both, and now the landing gear and the wheel brakes are working once again. I can't po
  10. Actually, there is always a difference of around 13 degrees. For example, if I want a FOV of 60, I need to set the FOV to 48.5. After I quit the mission, and then start it again, I will have FOV 60, but if I reset the cockpit view to normal, I will have 48.5 FOV. Accordingly, the Mustang for example starts with FOV 94.1, but when I reset the cockpit view to normal, then I get FOV 80. The Mirage starts with FOV 78.4, but when I reset the cockpit view to normal, it becomes 65.
  11. I have set F1 cockpit FOV for all 4 planes that I own to be 60 just like in the F2 plane view. But when I start a mission, the F1 cockpit FOVs are 72.9 or 73 instead of 60. Is FOV 72.9 the most possible zoom in from cockpit? Or is it some glitch or bug?
  12. Yeah, I just wanted to suggest Adriatic map.
  13. Oh, then they should really update texture template, but to keep the same layout, so that we could just paste the same layers into new files.
  14. Mustang texture template is from 2012, and it still works.
  15. Yeah, I can't understand why people use ".rar", it drives me nuts. But you can download WinRAR trial version for free. I usually install it when I need to open some ".rar" file, and then I uninstall it immediately after, so that my trial period doesn't run out, and that I can download it again later if needed.
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