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  1. I have noticed on the last SteamVR upgrade that the slider for the resolution has changed. The white mark for the G2 on the general settings is set at 60% now while in the per-app settings the white mark is at 100%. In both cases 100% is 3160x3088, it's just the white notch that changed, for no reason I can fathom. Am I seeing changes where none are?
  2. I'm a bit late for my contribution but I'd say if you're really interested in the game, go for a full fidelity module. Learning where the systems and controls are in the real aircraft is a lot more enjoyable than memorizing keybindings. The best mods are also available free, but they aren't that polished as the official ones. I'd buy either the C101 or the L39, depending on which side you like most and the units you'd like to use (though L39 with english cockpit have kts and ft instead of m and km/h). They are challenging enough that you'll need some time to master the flight and t
  3. But you're using the SS 150% that's good for the G1 in the G2, which should have SS 100%, right?
  4. I'm also baffled, and I was about to write just that. If I recall correctly SS 100% is the setting for the G2 in Steam, and 150% was for the G1. Those settings are really high...
  5. 4.0 version as of just today. I believe I started with ATAC loooong time ago, in what seems a galaxy far, far away...
  6. I'm going back to the first post to look closely to the initial situation. I add in red some observations. Then going to your second post, Regardless of why this discrepancy is happening, an altimeter is just a barometer and as such doesn't take into account temperature. The scale is related solely with the ISA atmosphere model and thus it will never display real altitude (true altitude) when has moved out of the calibration point, but an approximation. The error is not that high that compromises operations as ground clearing is achieved with visual
  7. Ok, if both are at the same place that's wrong. According to wikipedia, the elevation at Tonopah Test Range airport is 5550 ft, so the C101 would be right and the A-10 wrong. I'm pretty sure the temperature is not taken into account by the altimeter. I don't have that map so I'm not sure the airport has the ground mesh correctly modelled so that different parts of the airport have different elevations according to reality (the "elevation" figure is, as I stated above "the highest point in the runway"). Have you checked any other aircraft in the same spot? An
  8. I'm aware there are ways to go around the problem, including an english cockpit mod. But is not far fetched to think that any fictional operator (and we do make up fictional scenarios here, don't we?) would require a cockpit in other language, and lets face it, english is the most widespread one. Not just saying for my own' sake, I honestly think it would help module sales. As much as many of us love swedish aircraft, learning swedish, albeit a limited amount, is usually not very high in people's wishlist. (not specific for swedish, really, just fighting with systems, a
  9. I own it but honestly the lack of english cockpit is a bit of a bum and has prevented me to play a lot with it. Probably has made a lot of simmers to overlook it and it is a shame, because is an amazing module of an amazing and really special aircraft, arguably the most exotic in the DCS stable. If it doesn't put you off, I'd recommend anyone to give it a try.
  10. Congratulations to the winners!! They look amazing!
  11. I also don't follow. If I remember correctly, the altimeter is just a barometer in which pressure is showed as altitude, according to a modelled ISA (International Standard Atmosphere) and the pressure at sea level (and thus the zero value for altitude) is set with the Kollsman knob. If you get the QNH value for the airport and you set that value in the altimeter, it should read the airport elevation when you are at the appropiate place (airport elevation is defined as the highest point on the runway). If you are at any other place in the airport (apron, taxiways or any
  12. Absolutely, my mistake. I'll try to erase this post.
  13. Hi I was wondering if there was any possibility to have a "toggle landing gear" key. I'm aware that some time in the past the request has been made for that regarding the airbrake but it wouldn't work as the real one, because you can leave it half deployed when retracting it. I believe that's not the case with the landing gear, and so a toggle switch would come in handy, specially flying VR. If anyone wants to tell me how they have mapped that on the warthog throttle I'd be grateful. BTW, the module is amazing to fly.
  14. I'm not sure if this has been said before, but what if, specially in the case of early generations of fighters (2nd, 3rd...), instead of the early release of a newer model, came first the most basic model there was? Then maybe adding the variant with radar, with more weaponry, etc... navigation capabilities as they appeared, etc... Like Aerges is planning with the F1...
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