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  1. Just to point maps are the main culprit: Persian Gulf is 33GB, Syria 47 and Nevada about 34. The other (Caucasus, Normande, The Channel are 16GB in average. In comparison ,I own amlmost all the aircraft and it peaks at 30GB.
  2. To celebrate these fantastic Rafale, a commemorative skin (being uploaded) 10 years of Rafale in Al Dahfra Merci pour ce mod!
  3. Hello, I have an x-56 and mostly use the dcs settings . I use the logitech software only when there is a need to modify button/axis behaviour. For example, I wanted the stick little thumb joystick to act as 4 keypresses in the a-10c ( countermeasures) so used the logitech for this. And the 3 mode selector can be used to switch between this and normal behaviour. Have fun , if u like I cans end you the files to start with. Just mp.
  4. Bonjour, j'ai un X56, et presque tout se programme directement dans DCS. J'ai simplement transformé le mini manche du stick en emulation de 4 touches dans le logiciel du X56 Quel avion t'interesse, ou bien quelle rotary et minimanche veux tu programmer, je peux te passer les fichiers ?
  5. Just go to controls for F14, click little black triangle near the name of your controller then chose "load profile". Then you can navigate to saved Games/DCS/COnfig/Input/F-14B and retrieve the appropriateprofile, which you load. Then enjoy the -A
  6. IIRC, this is because you would lose more speed and faster during the break
  7. Hello You can set it as bands and it will generate a key combination, which you can then allocate to TDC in DCS keyboard profile
  8. Hi Same here, obviously when the Ravens need it .... Did not find any work around
  9. So patience is of the essence ! Thank you very much for your answer and help
  10. Hi, Still can't figure what to do... -> what is the proper sequence of actions to follow to avoid taking fuel and not break the mission? When I ignore Texaco completely, nothing happens anymore and when I check in, it seems I am forced to succesfully take fuel, otherwise wingman does nothing but follow Texaco? I really need a guide for dummies here.. Thanks for help
  11. Hello, Baltic During mission 2 (and others), I check in with Texaco but do no pursue and take no fuel. It seems this breaks the logic as I get no more messages. So, Baltic, when you do not want to AAR, do we have to avoid checkin in with Texaco at all? Overall, it is difficult to follow sometimes the logic with messages, ie there is some fear of breaking the flow. Perhaps a bit more details on what to expect and when (eg "we will check in with MAgic, "after hitting WP3") could help and reinsure everything is OK.? Also general info like "all radio changes will be done after approp
  12. Hello, I had the same problem as doldi: simply make sure your comms volume are set to max, seems to fix the problem (at 3/4 did not work for me)
  13. Hi, Perhaps try with normal comms, as , iirc, there has been a change with radios in the mirage a few months ago, and easy comms did not really work well in the first place in the mirage. Good luck
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