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  1. Hello Thank you for the great missions, I played Batltle for Beirut: great, however I had to find a work around the onbligation to refuel as I do not manage this yet. A "cheat" would be welcome The river run is a problem: the first target is hidden by foliage , and rockets do not track. (lasing is on, TPOD is on, right code 1688 and tpod pointing at waypoint 2) : do you have any clue? NB: running 2.7 latest Many thanks
  2. In an article on french defense ministry : https://www.defense.gouv.fr/air/actus-air/cap-160-reinventer-la-formation-des-equipages-d-helicopteres?fbclid=IwAR3jUN0l2wY2lCARH1uNTaFvb4oWilgSxk_Y-l7Z8u-xCXHBDZxzgBAckoM
  3. Hi, Chris Saved Games This is a windows system directory, which path is C:\Users\{yourusername}\Saved Games (Make sure you are on the system disk (or the one where you hace DCS) And it has to be there (eg location of your screenshots) Search for DCS on the disk ,this should come in the list.
  4. Thank you for your support! The skin, with new colors checked with Ryan, is available for download : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3315422/
  5. Hi here is the list and badges I used. There might be typos in the list unfortunately.
  6. You can read the list on the video of the veteran which is on the site of the demo team. You should also be able to read it on my skin version which will be available (awaiting dcs site validation) Have fun with making the skin, it's a beauty
  7. Indeed, I just found it! And the gear door is decorated as well. The skin is uploaded, should be available shortly,
  8. This is it for a first version (model viewer is not A10c ii , so laser pod still on, goes away ingame) Will upload today,
  9. Hello, Ryan, many thanks, this helps immensely! I can give a try for the nose wheel door inside, if you have any indication, Overall I should have a revised version today to share. A remaining unknown is the black rectangular inscription below the left front canopy.
  10. Hi Ryan You're obviously the right person! First congratulations for the superb creation! You will see where I stand based on the photos I found, and the original Thud camo. Wings are best guess, and even more difficult, the engines , and fuselage (top and below at the level of engines) as it is hidden from view most of the time So, yes, any advice or doc you could share will be more than welcome! Many thanks in advance, Best regards Olivier
  11. Yep, thank you, plus there is a short video on the demoo team site. This skin is based on the f-105 camo but given the difference in aircraft, difficult to guess details.... Well, patiencr will pay and we'll find more.
  12. Hi, I am preparing the recently displayed 2021 A-10C demo team livery (WiP image attached) However I am missing some info, specially on the camo seen from the top (wings, engines) . If anyone finds some, please pm me. Thanks
  13. navy antigravity systems at work. Finally operational : https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/39012/the-navy-finally-speaks-up-about-its-bizarre-ufo-patent-experiments
  14. hi, I understand the strike is optional and you should follow’the XO advice in the debrief ( eg with your experience go sead, and assign lt xx to task yy). Also when striking successfully I did not get any mention of it, neither on the spot or during debrief. Did you?
  15. Ah! So no unit close to the building is no problem! Logical. Many thanks! i.ll focus on sead for now on, but will do some urban reconfiguration some day. Best regards ( and btw great campaign concept!),
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