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  1. Got it! Thank you very much for your response.
  2. Very interesting project! Thanks for sharing! Do I get this right? The offset must/should be adjusted every time you "mount" the controller on your hand/arm because you might wear it a little different every time? I never use my controllers in VR (o.k. I tried them once or twice), but I have to give them a try next time and try how to wear them with some comfort
  3. Hello, I saw those videos a while a go during "TGP learning". Thank you for reminding me of those videos and your explanation! Very interesting and VERY helpfull!!! Thank you, Kansti
  4. Wow, thank you so much, this fixed the problem on my system! :thumbup:
  5. Wow, thank you so much, problem finally fixed on my system!:thumbup:
  6. Thank you for your answers. I just was (very) curious and wanted to clarify this (for myself):book:. They should be the same:smartass:. But no problem to me though (as for the rest of us I guess):smilewink:. Both of the pictures are from 2013:
  7. But why are they different on both sides? Thx
  8. Hello fellows this is my first post here in this forum. I'm also very interested in this group of old grognards! ;) I'm german, I'm almost 53 years old and I live in southern bavaria. I love the F/A-18 and the new supercarrier! But because of lack of time I'm not the best F/A-18 pilot nor do I have multiplayer-experience (but I would love to get some!). I like to take off, try to fly in close formation and try to recover on "mother" (which I can manage most of the times). I'm still struggling with air-to-air refueling and I have only a little knowledge of the weapons and the radar s
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