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  1. NVidia 6600 GT, kicks ass, in Oz it is sold for around $330.00, so US I guess around 200. Any other PCI express card either does not even come close or if it does, it costs heps more. (X800 XT is a little bit better, but it costs AU$ 949.99!)


    6600 GT has scored "Best Buy" in Jan issue of Oz PC User, and in tests it had heaps better "lowest FPS" than any other card inc X800 XT (103.2 vs 67.2)

  2. Must be admitted - ED achieved unbelievable level of realism with their lighgting coding - no other game ever comes even close to the feeling of landing at night with lights on in Lomac. When I experienced it for the first time, I had to keep reminding myself it was a game - it looked so real.




    P.S. - I adjust the monitor brightness untill I am happy about how "dark" it is outside...

  3. This is what's on that page right now:



    Текущие итоги голосования по играм

    с января 2003 по ноябрь 2004 года :



    1. Need for Speed: Underground 2 (3198)


    2. Перл-Харбор (2361)


    3. Lock On: Modern Air Combat (2033)


    4. Far Cry (1669)


    5. FIFA Soccer 2005 (1611)



  4. This is important : go to my computer right click , go to properties and click advanced then click environment variables.


    delete all variables in box boxs. some variables are old and redundant and will not reappear. This has fixed stupid memory pop ups events like this.


    Just be carefull if you run things like programming languages or other stuff requiring such varables.


    You may no be able to use them after such hack'&'slash... :?

  5. - You get a login/password along with your receipt after purchase, download from any server normally. Some kind of authentication (send product key and hardware-ID, get auth key back) is preferred.




    Yeahh, I like this one, and also players will need to send their shoe size and breakfast cereal preference. When their feet grow, (or shrink), or they change their taste in breakfast cereal department, they will need to activate Flaming Cliffs again, like stupid M$ Windows XP.



  6. Dear Alpha,


    Please tone down your descriptions of Mig-29K, because the more I read them, the more I want this bird to be a flyable craft, as it was in Flanker 2.5.


    I frankly do not care there has ever only 2 prototypes built... They were built so let us fly the bird against F/A-18 Hornets - oh what a combo for a flight sim:


    East - Mig-29K


    West - F/A-18


    This is quite an accurate depiction of myself (the one on the right) after these two flyable planes had been incorporated into Lomac:




    (Homer Simpson growl/groan...) Arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh........ (The tongue lolled out, dribbling uncontrollably.)

  7. Yes, I know, Starlight. We all are inpatiently waiting for flaming rocky Cliffs to get our teeth (joysticks) into. It probably will be like with all the other releases: late but awesome! My guess before X-mas. I remember FLanker 1.0 did not even have an ecyclopaedia in it. (You know, all those spinning 3D models of thingies spinning around.) Despite all the bugs, I played first session till 7:30 am the next morning when I had to leave for work!

  8. ....BTW forgot to mention...


    Mimes wrote:

    * will hopefully be bought by India so it will be "in service"


    India already did buy the MiG-29K :D


    They have placed an order for 12 x single seat MiG-29K(9-41) and 4 x two-seat MiG-29KUB(9-47) combat trainer variants - to be delivered in 2008.


    They will, along with a number of Ka-28(ASW) and Ka-31(EAW) helicopters, be operated from the converted Admiral Gorshkov....which they bought as well :)


    ....and yes this time around it is official ;)


    God bless India, as I said earlier... :D


    Now all the realism dedicated simmers will not be opposed to any theoretical addon of Mig-29K in a future releases of Lockon. The Mig-29Ks will cheerfully fly aroung above the Indian ocean from Admiral Gorshkov, now that's cooler than Tandoori chicken!!!


    At least you guys know how it feels to be a "MAMjetSNAF" (Modern And Military jet Sim Naval Aviation Fan).




    P.S.: Lockon rocks, as a matter of fact Flanker 1.x would surely be proud...

  9. "Make MiG-29 better".


    ...by adding new carrier capable multirole version 8)


    How can I disagree with this one... Mig-29K and add an F/A-18 Hornet - I'd swap my wife for those two flyable panes (If I had these two flyable machines, I would have no time for my Mrs anyway :D )


    P.S.: Just kidding, and hoping my Mrs will never make it to this forum, let alone read this post :oops: !

  10. This stuff is great, and so good to see. One just needs to have a look at the success of the "Trainz" merchandise. What fans managed to create and add to an already top game / sim has brought is to a totally new level.


    OK, or just look at what fans did with Falcon 4.0 - simply awesome!


    Essentially what I want to say that ED with the help of fans will be able to create an un-beatable king of sims - that is what pooled talent, resources and determination of many fans can do. Make fantastic sim twice as fantastic!



  11. Anyone any hints on landing Rafale on a moving carrier deck in a storm? Just seem to be unable to the hang of it. The French landing officer speaking his gibberish is not helping either. :(


    On the bright side, I am about to finish the leather bound, printed manual for Lockon 2.0 - "Ocean Patrol", which will ship in December. We were lucky enough to have a recently retired pilots writing a detailed description of F/A-18 Super Hornet and Sea Harrier operations. As you know by now, the new theatre included is Hawai (for training) and Faulkland Islands for 2 brand new fully dynamic campaigns. :D


    While all this is happening, just can't wait for the "already in the making" Lockon 2.1 add-on code named "Мой Oтец Tракторыcт", where one of the pilotable crafts will be a modified secret-weapon Czechoslovakian tractor Zetor.



  12. On arms Naval Forces of the Russian Federation are not present Mig-29K.


    ...or Su-39, Su-34 or Su-30 ;)


    The MiG-29K should IMO never have been taken out of the sim :(


    I will second that.

    While it is true it is not in service of Russian Federation, it:


    * is in existence

    * has awesome A2A & A2G capabilities

    * has carrier capabilities and

    * is fun in a sim

    * was already modelled in Flanker 2.5 and

    * will hopefully be bought by India so it will be "in service".


    I'd be happy if ED just did "copy-paste" Mig29K from Flanker 2.5 to Lomac and added India to the list of countries :wink: for authenticity...


    IMO no other bird matches the fun factor of Mig 29K in a sim. :D (except Super Flanker which is still not in service but as if it was modelled in Flanker 2.x under the name "Su-33").

  13. Hello there,


    By the way, by "fan" I do not mean a turbine of Mig29K, but someone who immensly enjoyed flying Mig29K in Flanker 2.5. To be more specific, flying a fast carrier capable jet with both, A2A and A2G awesome capabilities.


    After a HDD crash and some Web "inactivity" from my side, did I miss anything about the future of Mig29K in Lock-On? I know this craft used to be hot in debates on the old Ubi forums as a replacement for Su-33 which had no longer A2G guided missiles. If I remember correctly, Stormin hinted something about flyable Mig29K and about Indian navy purchasing this bird. (God bless Indian navy... :) )


    Any reply will be appreciated.

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