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  1. Absolutely love the Hawk.


    Thank you for such and amazing module,


    I love the hawk as I do DCS with all the bugs, as is. The thing is, I am a software engineer and a programmer so I know difficulties you face every day.


    Every time I find a bug, I ask myself if I could do a better job myself. The answer is, basically that you, DCS coding guys and module coding guys are semi-gods in what you can do with ones and zeros.


    Thank you again for all your hard work.

  2. So with the argumentation that it would outclass any aircraft in DCS it would be useless to have any aircraft such as the Eurofighter Typhoon in DCS World?


    I mean where do we want to start, if we want to start, and more information and data is declassified, with aircraft that entered service beyond the 2000's?


    Same thing can be applied to older aircraft, if there are no opponents it shouldn't see life in DCS?


    In my opinion any aircraft would fit into DCS World because it is a simulation of flight, however I understand that there is still the multiplayer or simply play area and that this or any other aircraft like the Eurofighter would cause problems in terms of unbalance.


    Agreed. The other night I setup a quick mission hunting 2 "Doras" with Su-33. I got them every time. There was probably some imbalance...




    On a more serious note, DCS is fun, a bit of approximation is fine (anyone remembers Kh-29 on Su-27 Flanker in Flanker 1.2?) Typhoon module would not be limited to flying head to head with Mig-29. It would simply be a fun to fly, or watch in AI action.


    My 2 cents.

  3. Hi, just in case someone finds this thread in the future.


    In DCS there is a native editing of tracks. Once you record and save the track, you can replay it. If you change views during replay, the "new views" are "remembered". All one needs to do is either save, or save as new track file. Hope this helps.

  4. Never mind..


    Turns out it was not a LCFC2 thing


    It was a TIR thing


    To fix it you have to open up your TIR 5 software and in the top left hand corner click on the TIR button.. From that select the 'Check for Game Updates" option after doing so you will have to stop and restart the TIR software


    Did that on TrakcIR 3 with the latest software, still not working on Flaming Cliffs 2. Black Shark and other sims are OK.

  5. Hi all,

    i have Windows 7 64bit, and FC2 don't recognize my trottle control on my Sidewinder Joystick. In fact i cannot control engine thrust with it. Anyone knows how to fix it?

    Thanks so much.



    Have the same problem - Sidewinder on gameport, Win XP Pro. It is OK on Flanker 2, 2.5, all LOMAC versions, Flaming Cliffs 1 and Black Shark.


    Does not work on Flaming Cliffs 2. TrackIR 3 Pro with Vector Activation also does not work on Flaming Cliffs 2, but works on LOMAC and Black Shark. It has the latest software and updated game profiles.


    It looks very much like Flaming Cliffs 2 related.


    Regards, Mimes

  6. Hello there,

    Auran (Trainz) is a prime example of a dev group who grab the gamers support by clever carots rather than ugly sticks. Thumbs up for Auran.

    I have bought Flaming Cliffs, installed it, got my system buggerised by StarForce, reformatted HDD, did a fresh install of OS, an will not touch ED product again, unless I am paying for fetures, not viruses on the CD. Thumbs down for Flaming Cliffs.

    Pitty, Flanker series was my all times favourite piece of software. Not any more.

    Over & out,



    P.S.: Starforce is a malware, just like Sony's rootkit.

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  7. Hello there,


    Got my Track IR Pro and Flaming Cliffs CD 2 days apart. Christmas came all at once. After the first 5 minutes with Track IR I failed to understand how on earth did I survive without it since 1994!!!


    Flaming Cliffs is amazing. But the CD makes me, bit by bit, feel like a robber. When I start the game, this big bright Orange Blob comes up and says:

    "Yo have probably stolen this software, let me check!" I normally say:

    "No, I have supported ED since day 1", (Good'oll SSI days). But the orange blob has a mind of its own and refuses to believe me. It kinda made me to reach for LOMAC 1.02. So that is what I am flying (and Flanker 2) after an evening of trying to convince the Orange Blob that I am not thief. I am pretty sure Sir Dzugashvilli would be proud of the Blob.



  8. I suppose it's too much to hope that Flaming Cliffs is close to release, then? Or was it just another rumor that the delay of the game this time was due to Starforce being dropped in favor of something less invasive?


    While my purchasing decision isn't affected by this news, it does make me sad and angry that companies like this benefit from the harm and hurting of others. Parasites, no more, no less. That they've now devised something more invasive than simply Starforce or software activation alone, the combination of the two makes me sick. I wouldn't put it past the creators of Starforce to think that they might actually be aiding in piracy, or aiding in the cracking of their 'peer's' own copy protections. Then again, that's probably just paranoia. The only winners in the fight against piracy are the creators copy protection. Kind of like arms dealers and war, eh?



    As there's no CD to be left in the drive, I'm still buying Flaming Cliffs. Here's hoping that the copy protection doesn't absorb more than 10% of the profit of each sale of Flaming Cliffs. I guess all sofware companies can't have in-house protection schemes like Ambrosia Software. I feel damn good about ordering their software, since they only lose the percentage that the credit card companies take off the top.


    Wow. You're seeing a whole team of specialists for your paranoia, aren't you? :)


    Stormin, you may be wrong on this one, the doode may be right. To minimise the losses to "piracy" a solid protection is used to prevent casual copying. Flaming Cliffs without SF will be available in Bangkok in no time for US$5 or so. Sales will probably be lost due to activation issue. The bloodsuckers from StarForce will collect their cut one way or the other. You may have experience or even education in IT area. However unless you are a psychiatrist and have properly examined Bet, it would be appreciated if you could refrain yourself from "diagnosing" people as mentally ill just because they voiced their opinion. I am dissapointed to read such a comment from a person of your calibre. :(

  9. ED go for CDs. I'm ready to pay 50 € for it, if I know that I will not have to ask for activation key when I change my hardware.


    And I am happy to pay 100 Australian Pessos for it. I just can't buy a game or an add-on unless I can install and play when I want even after game is no longer supported/"activation available". I still play, from time to time, Flanker 1.5 and enjoy it very much.

  10. IMHO the best thing to cut all this crap for ED is to distribute CDs. We buy the CD with the protection support on it and there will be no such things as activation key or spreading out info on our hardware configuration to the net.


    After all if we were able to wait so long for 1.1 we could wait few more weeks no ??? :wink:


    It is humanly impossible to agree more witht the above statement!


    DC - bring it on!!!

  11. Hello there,


    Not that long ago I have installed Falcon 4 on my PC and tested some of the excellent patches F4 community brought to us. Microprose is no longer, but that did not matter because I did not have to activate Falcon 4 after an install.


    My question is:

    Will I be able to, say in 4 years from now, sell my current PC, buy a new one, install Flaming Cliffs and play? What if StarForce dudes go broke (hope they do), and I can't activate the install of Flaming Cliffs?


    P.S. I am a programmer, amongst other things, running his own small IT business, so I symphatise with ED when it comes to protection of their hard work.

  12. Hi there,


    Just my 2 cents worth:


    I have bought every release of Flanker in lots of 2 just to support it. I played lomac the day I bought from a backed-up CD to protect my original from scratches etc. I have bought every release of Half Life except Half Life 2.


    Moral of the story:


    Basic protection (e.g. SafeDisk, SecuRom) prevent casual copying. ie John will not be able to get a copy to his mate Jim. That is OK.


    No copy protection has ever stopped game being copied and sold illegaly. However, legitimate users suffer due to countless issues with these "heavy duty" protections.


    There are masses of people out there who support and buy good software not because they can't get a free copy, but because developers deserve their support.


    HL2 is a good game, but I will never buy it, just out of principle. (Despite the fact that I bought every Half Life release before.) Everyone knows what dance one must go through to get to play HL2 with a legitimate CD. What next - before each game session one will have to log onto the dev server to request permission to play the game and one's credit card will be debited by x dollars, and if you happen not to be at home you won't be allowed to play?


    I live and breathe Flanker series, and each time I upgraded my PC it was to run Flanker better. Despite this, I will cease to support Flanker series when the developer goes from a reasonable protection to prevent casual copying to using a protection "from hell" which makes the life of legit buyers a misery yet does not stop the bad guys selling illegal copies of the software.

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