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  1. This update is about weapons. We have an early stage functioning CCIP and wrapped up the custom new 6 station bomb rack for the pylons. Enjoy and we'll get a video showcasing the functionality soon! For now please enjoy the models, in engine, and some static shots from the testing.



    VNAO Simulations


    Pure magic to the eye of an old sim buff :) :) :)

  2. Is a standalone mod but my intention long term is EFM or better..:music_whistling:


    Just to give you an idea here are a couple of scrn shots from a quick test. Most of it is textured but didn't need them applied for what i was doing.


    This is amazing work. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. But New Zealand have no combat aircrafts and only C-130 from FC can be found in RNZAF


    NZ used to fly Scooters (A-4s). Wiki: "The RNZAF's air combat capability ended in 2001 with the disbanding of the A-4 Skyhawk squadrons."

  4. Me personally would just leave the jf-17 flight model. The biggest reason I don’t like it is that the jf-17 is ugly as hell.


    Fighter jets are more like: "kick-ass" or "non kick-ass" rather than ugly, or beautiful for girl jet fighter planes, or perhaps handsome for boy jet fighter planes...


    JF-17 is in my eyes definitely a "kick-ass" looking plane :)

  5. I really hope ED takes away the nuke.


    Well, better late than never reply :)


    Real world nukes = bad (Is it true that US was the only country in the world which dropped nukes onto civilian population?)


    Sim world nukes = terrifyingly cool.


    To remove a weapon from a sim just because of it's destructive power does not make sense. Then we might as well replace all the weapons with propaganda leaflet drop devices. They cause minimal damage to the environment, next to no physical damage to plants, animals and people, only severe damage to people's thinking... :)

  6. Just posted another progress video of some of the recent Supercarrier testing for the T45C. Enjoy!



    This is panning up to be an amazing mod. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you guys (and us, the DCS pilots) and all the good fortune to release this mod one day.


    :) :) :)

  7. My work is Not Affiliated w/ the Community Super Hornet Mod, Nor Former Coretex Designs.


    I posted this a while ago on my FB Page, and it got negative comments, so i didnt post it here, but I will now: (March 22nd, 2020).


    And Response to users claiming it was a bad form to post something negative.


    Here does not appear anything negative, just stating differences. The more mods, the merrier!!! Ride on, Skatezilla.


    PS: I can not imagine my DCS life being quite the same without the "DCS Update Utility".

  8. This video show the low level flight system. Also the Kh-59 missile and TV guiding work. Very impressive missiles for the 80s. Also I am very impressive how this variable sweep wings is still operational in good shape. That tell a lot about the build quality. The Russian added even more capability with the last modernization with a new bombing system that allow use dump bombs with decent accuracy. Such system was tested in Syria.


    And that is not just unbelievable accuracy with cold war "dumb" bombs. This campaign was / is a very effective one and a fraction of the cost of the other side's campaign. Old unguided bombs are very cheap in comparison to current laser and other "smart" ammunition.

  9. it's been a while since I posted anything about what we've been doing, and we've been doing a lot! we now have multiple professional test pilots with many thousands of hours experience that have been test flying the heck out of our airplane.


    We have redone some externals fix some things, are creating a entirely new internal cockpit. And even more refinements to the EFM flight model to the limits of what DCS can handle.


    We took a brief hiatus in order to lend a hand with the VARS edge 540 racing project which is now released.


    So now back to work on what we believe will be the premier aerobatic aircraft of DCS ! Don't ask when it will be released.


    enjoy some new screenshots of WIP




    That is quite amazing. Superb work.

  10. A new patch has been released VSN planes back to work, F22A is not any ideas people


    I had to roll this patch back, C-130 I shot down with 4 x R-73s had no wings and despite that it landed safely at Kyrovskoye. It looked quite funny. I am sticking with Open Beta for the time being. As far as I can say F-22A is OK there.

  11. t45c_pit_01a.png?dl=0


    It's time. We have been hard at work rebuilding the cockpit to be the T45C model. Here is the preview we promised. Still lots to do but it's coming along. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the quick in-engine video preview of the pit on our youtube channel!


    Also if you haven't checked out our VNAO Squadron Ready Room be sure to hit up the Userfiles link here and try it out today!





    VNAO Simulations



    Just watched this video, and the wound in my heart created by Hawk being pulled out of DCS is staring to slowly heal :) :) :)

    (Very melodramatic, but true...)

  12. Unfortunately, this mod is not compatible with aircraft carriers in the current version of the game. I stopped working on it.


    Just guessing, this is in relation to A-7, not the Su-24? Su-24 mod was actually the one I could not stop but to drool over, the video was simply amazing.

  13. I have a problem with looking ahead in the cockpit (black display), what is the solution?


    This may be a part of a deep immersion simulating Stevie Wander flying Edge 540...

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