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  1. Pure magic to the eye of an old sim buff :) :) :)
  2. Mimes

    PAK-FA Project

    Thank you for continued support of such an amazing mod.
  3. This is amazing work. Thank you for sharing. :)
  4. NZ used to fly Scooters (A-4s). Wiki: "The RNZAF's air combat capability ended in 2001 with the disbanding of the A-4 Skyhawk squadrons."
  5. Huh, ja jsem nevedel ze se dela Delfin mod - hura. Drzim place. Jay, I did not know that Delfin mod is under way. All the best :) :) :)
  6. I think we will have to wait for SkateZilla's AI SuperHornet.
  7. Nice update to the mod, looks great. Thank you.
  8. Mimes


    Fighter jets are more like: "kick-ass" or "non kick-ass" rather than ugly, or beautiful for girl jet fighter planes, or perhaps handsome for boy jet fighter planes... JF-17 is in my eyes definitely a "kick-ass" looking plane :)
  9. Well, better late than never reply :) Real world nukes = bad (Is it true that US was the only country in the world which dropped nukes onto civilian population?) Sim world nukes = terrifyingly cool. To remove a weapon from a sim just because of it's destructive power does not make sense. Then we might as well replace all the weapons with propaganda leaflet drop devices. They cause minimal damage to the environment, next to no physical damage to plants, animals and people, only severe damage to people's thinking... :)
  10. Normandy is great and I cannot wait for Syria map!
  11. This is panning up to be an amazing mod. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you guys (and us, the DCS pilots) and all the good fortune to release this mod one day. :) :) :)
  12. Here does not appear anything negative, just stating differences. The more mods, the merrier!!! Ride on, Skatezilla. PS: I can not imagine my DCS life being quite the same without the "DCS Update Utility".
  13. And that is not just unbelievable accuracy with cold war "dumb" bombs. This campaign was / is a very effective one and a fraction of the cost of the other side's campaign. Old unguided bombs are very cheap in comparison to current laser and other "smart" ammunition.
  14. Wow, that is amazing. Superb control. :)
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