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  1. I did not know about the repair function, looked it up and found it. Moved everything, ran the update/repair and it appears to be working just fine. Thank you for your help, -john
  2. Hello, I want to move DCS to a new second hard drive. Can I just delete the existing version and do a new install on the second drive? Just a generic installation now. Thank you, John-
  3. Hi everyone - I just wanted to drop back in and update my progress. 1. I completely get the learn one aircraft thing now. I'm hooked on the P-51 and I can't find enough to read about them (granted, there seems to be plenty- haha). 2. The throttle vs MP discussion - I'm JUST starting to see the correlation. 3. Got out my VR glasses and DAMM... what a great experience. 4. All I'm doing right now, is taking off - going into a pattern and landing. Over and over... can do it now without the fireball on landing. I'll order the the full P-51 next week, while it's on sale, along with the blue
  4. WOW - did the instant flight... my machine holds up well, good graphics. Now I just need to figure out the best settings for my controls. I got the T.1600M with the throttle. Guess its time to go to school now - start studying and practicing. A ton to digest. Looking forward to all of it!! Thanks to everyone for all the help, john-
  5. I wasn't able to download the P-47, did some reading and just answered my own question. I would prefer to stay on the current release and get some stable fly time under my belt, without having to deal with Beta issues. I'll fly the TF-51 for now. No rush. Learn the basics now. Then when the P-47 goes to general release, I'll take it up then. -john
  6. Personal Drama - I get home last night and there is a note on my goldfish bowl. If I want to see my fish again, I need to pay the ransom -which strangely enough- was the exact same price for the new P-47D. Needless to say, being the environmentalist that I am, I retuned the bowl full of water back to mother earth and I now own the new P-47D! - hahahaha New question: I see that the P-47D is an "early release" - would it better to leave the P-47D in the wrapper until it's full release and continue my initial learning on the TF-51D. Then transition to the P-47D after it's been fully release
  7. WHAT in the hell did I get myself into? RPM, pitch, throttle, MP, governors! I just wanted to put a nickel in the machine and putt around! -hahaha I did find this gentleman on youtube yesterday and he is starting a Warbirds series. First episode is about the TF-51D/P-51D I can see now what everyone has been explaining to me, there is a lot to learn about each aircraft. Best to learn one completely - then you can use that knowledge to apply to another if you so choose. I'll keep reading this week and try it out Friday night. Thanks again for all your input. -john
  8. Once again - tons of great advice. I moved my monitor last night, just to update my machine and get everything loaded. This looks like it's going to be a handful, but exactly what I'm looking for. I did find videos on the FT-51. All of this looks amazing. Zcrazyx - thanks for the offer for help - I'll definitely reach out if I get in a bind. I should have everything running this weekend. Thanks again -
  9. Great advise from everyone. I appreciate all of the input. I still haven't installed DCS on my gaming machine yet. I'm slowly transitioning back to work (from working at home). So I can remove all the work stuff from my desk and dedicate my desk monitor back to ME. I'll get it installed tomorrow, get a HOTAS ordered and get started. Looking forward to learning- Thanks again, -john
  10. Hello everyone, New to DCS world. I would like to start with the WWII warbirds. Any recommendations on getting started? I saw the youtubes about the P-47 release, which looks great. Is there a beginners path I should follow? Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you for your time and help, -john
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