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  1. I managed to fix the pot using the method on flyfoxy.com http://www.cougar.flyfoxy.com/mods.php#antpot I am still in the market for a replacement pot. I do not trust the pot to last much longer. Until then I can verify its a 100k pot.
  2. My cougar throttle ant pot has stopped working. I contacted Thrustmaster and they not have anyone replacement stock and they were not able to tell me the specs on the pot. The pot has number 270-xm8508 stamped on it. It is thrustmaster part 6000197. Does anyone know what the range was on the pot in ohms. I can tell from fly foxy and other websites that the exact pot is no longer made. But I'm sure I can get something to be compatible or close enough.
  3. Be sure to keep us up to date on the new version. An on/off led would be nice. Put me on the preorder list. I would gladly take a backup.
  4. I would say training combined with the F14s most likely getting the 1st shot in any engagement.
  5. If done right. Yes. A multiplayer island map with a southwest pacific flavor could be a lot of fun.
  6. 1. I do not know if you can remove the cockpit from your views. I remember some people had this same question with the warthog release. Foggy memory, I don't know if they figured it out back the . 2. I have no experience with flight illusions equipment. 3. The Normandy map is running a newer version of dcs. The graphics are much better but also more demanding of your pc. If your having issues running the free map. It won't get much better with 2.5. Good news! There is a free to fly TF-51! You can fly as much as you want with it on the Caucasus map. Before you invest into DCS products, you can try to adapt your flight pit for the TF51. Only holdback is the TF-51 has no weapons installed. If you can get everything to work on the TF51, then you just have to remember to do the same thing to the other WW2 aircraft.
  7. If I wanted to learn more about coding LUA in general. Where would you recommend I look first. I'm starting down the rabbit hole of learning. I'm not ready to use a tool like this. What do I need to learn 1st? I know only enough that the breakdowns would be very helpful. I can understand the syntax somewhat. But it's like reading a language where you don't know the vocabulary. I'm starting with reading your moose site.
  8. ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX-GTX1070-8G-GAMING 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 It runs DCS fairly well at 1900x1200. I'm seeing them for sale around 450. It runs most settings on high. Some FPS loss in MP. But that could easily be reduced with some setting changes.
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=194494 In case anyone missed this teaser in the heatblur subforum. A tomcat inspired stick with extra features that simmers will want?
  10. Same question. I ordered the gunfighter on the 1st round. I never knew of a Rev B. Any word on how to tell or what changed between Revisions?
  11. David, we have a pretty similar setup. I was looking at the same monitor your using. I just want to bump up the Rez for future builds. I'm running a 7600k, 960pro m.2, and a 1070 right now at 1900x1200. Things are smooth. I don't mind turning settings down for the short term. With a newer monitor. I figure I will have the next monitor for the next 5 or upgrades of my current pic. The display I linked came out in march and never had a price drop. It's at 900. The IPS displays are at 1200ish. I don't know if thats worth it. Anything else at this price point I should be looking at? I know if I dropped gsync, I could knock off 200$. I tested gsync out on some computers in a local microcenter and it was very noticeable for other games.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B06X9CBRTP This is the current monitor I'm looking at buying. Does anyone know of any deals or good buys at this price range? I'm in no hurry to purchase so I can wait a few months if something new is coming and/or a price drop is coming. My requirements are G-Sync and minimum of 3440x1440. I'm liking the ultra wide screens. My budget is around 900 but I'll take a deal if I can find it. I don't buy monitors very often. I want the next one to last for a while. Any thoughts?
  13. Nice work on your site. Good balance between technical information and practical information. Looks good on mobile phone as well.
  14. Just moved to the Michigan area. So far I'm finding southeast Michigan boring and flat. It would be nice to find a group interesting in pit building.
  15. Who says it's not your gunfighter he's playing with! :harhar: Just kidding around. Keep up the good work Rrohde
  16. I've been using the UTC over the last month. I can not find any thing wrong with it. It is simply perfect. Its well made. It holds a charge forever. (I bought the bigger battery one) But more importantly is how well it tracks! I used a Track clip and the pro in the past and they do not even come close. Being able to look down and right/left with out track IR freaking out is amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone as a upgrade for your TrackIR. HAV. You have a great product here. I cannot think of any way to improve it. I'm using the UTC PRO with TrackIR 5.
  17. They closed the orders the day after I ordered! Im sure it will be mid may till mine ships. No worries!
  18. Edit I was responding to Ganesh's broken shaft. Sorry to hijack the thread. Where did you replace the broken piece with? I called thustmaster and they where no help with the matter.
  19. Of course I find it after I make the post. \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts\UI\F10View
  20. Hi. I am looking for the ingame map control Lua. I have found what I think is the ME control file. Which is ---->>>program files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\MissionEditor\Modules\MapView Anyone know where the simular Lua is for the game Map?
  21. I thought the same thing about cockpit shadows when it 1st came out. Now I would t fly without it. It's a feature that would be a nice addition in the future. I think our hardware needs to catch up to DCS more.
  22. This sim is truly a multicultural platform. Right now on this torrent, peers are in the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Qatar, Netherlands, Hungry, Canada, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Guadeloupe( i had to look this country up because i never heard of it!, Venezuela, New Zealand, Argentina, Lebanon, Finland, China and Brazil. 70 Peers from 25 different countries! I could never imagine how one idea can be so incredibly accepted worldwide. Thank you everyone for seeding!
  23. The setup needed for Teamspeak is as follows. Join Teamspeak as normal. Turn on with voice activation. Join a Teamspeak channel with my copilot. Make a whisper to the channel I will to fly with as well. Join Teamspeak on another tab. Join channel with 2nd tab. Mute mic on second tab. Activate microphone on tab 1. Thanks Maverick! Thanks HiJack!
  24. Close random pilot. The problem I'm having is that with a whisper setup, it opposite of what I want to do. At least with how I'm using them. I'll keep playing with the settings. Possible user error from me. This is the list of exactly what j want teamspeak to do. 1 I want to hear everyone in the channel. 2 I want to use push to talk to talk to everyone in the channel. 3 I want to use voice activation for chat with my copilot. With whispers, I only have an issue with #3. Whispers make me use push to talk to private chat.
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