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  1. Was really hoping for added FLIR above the other chnges :(
  2. I would love to see the old bird get a new lease of life. I'd be happy to pay full module price for an upgraded KA-50N. Update the textures and keep our current Ka-50 exactly as she is. Even if i had a KA-50N i'd still like to come back to our current beloved just as she is. Sell both BS2 and BS3 seperately. No one is forced to buy the new module if they do not want it.
  3. This Vulkan API update is the most important item Eagle Dynamics can deliver for me personally. I have lots of aircraft i have barely flown and lots of new maps which look great, but getting steady consistent FPS with VR has been a real pain. I have a high end desktop but most of the CPU power is wasted as DCS only stresses 1 core and tax's one other. 6 are free doing very little. I know personally if Vulkan delivers a large FPS increase i will be playing a lot more than i do now.
  4. Hi guys - is anyone else able to replicate this greatly improved frame-rate by enabling Hyperthreading?. I have HT turned off in the bios as i could get extra MHZ on the my overclock. I use process lasso to ensure DCS gets maximum performance on the cores it runs on. I wont get a chance to test this until the weekend but i would love to hear if other people can replicate such a large improvement just by turning HT on. Thanks, Paddy
  5. Hi Bonz - i had a similar stuttering problem and it was nothing to do with how good the hardware is (it was a very new build). I used a program called Process Lasso which allows you to prioritize programs/games for CPU resources. Its free and very easy to use. The most important being setting the DCS.exe as the high performance application. I also made DCS.exe a high priority for CPU, memory etc, and turning on bitsum highest performance power plan. There are lots of other options but try this initially. This will take you all of 15 minutes to test and could solve your problems. Proces
  6. Not sure on your page faults. Perhaps its because you have set high priority memory for DCS, TrackIR and Helios. I just have DCS.exe as high, nothing else. Easy to test.
  7. Hi Fakum, Looking at your signature it says you are at 4gz. Have you tried to push it up to 4.2 / 4.3 ghz?. you should be able to achieve this even on air. As you correctly said DCS only uses two physical cores. The only reason i turned HT off was i could get a better overclock on my CPU with it off (im @4.4ghz). When overclocking your CPU, if you get the same overclock with HT on as with HT off then there is probably no point in turning HT off. You will get some lower temps with HT off but that would be it. You will get a bigger improvement increasing your clock frequency than core
  8. I have HT off because i got a better overclock and the CPU is 8 physicals anyway so i can't imagine needing more. You will get better performance in DCS with less cores at higher clock frequency than lots of core at lower frequency. From what i understand setting the bitsum highest performance power plan mode allows the CPU to be ran at full speed at all times, so no parking the cores and waking them back up. It is only turned on when the high performance process is running. Just right click on the DCS.exe and classify it as a high performance process. Then when DCS starts it automatically
  9. Excellent to hear Fakum, delighted it worked for you!!. I bet its a huge relief after all the work you put in. I spent hours trouble shooting mine as well. I knew the hardware was capable of smooth VR performance but every few seconds i was getting stutters for no reason and FPS drops. I installed Process Lasso, done a basic setup and on my first play it was such a difference i almost didn't believe it. No random stutters and higher FPS. To be honest i didn't even go as far as you and allocate all the cores individually. It was a while ago so i don't remember the details offhand, but i
  10. I had some stuttering on my rig as well. Tried all sorts but DCS still stuttered with my VR headset. What finally solved it for me was a program called Process Lasso. It allows you to prioritize DCS versus everything else running. You can also try it for free. Very easy to setup.
  11. As a 8k backer myself this is great news Wags. I hope you backed one yourself so you can play around and optimize it as best as possible :)
  12. Has anyone else tested this with VR recently?. Are you seen much improvement in FPS?
  13. Great to hear. Echo the above BaD, would love to hear an in depth review from you. Would also like to hear how the BlackShark feels with it. Thanks, Paddy
  14. Hi, Any more news on these guys?. It looks like they have really good products. I was really interested but a little worried by recent comments. thanks, paddy
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