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  1. After rebooting the computer hosting the server, it looks like everything is now working. Does anyone know what might have caused this?
  2. I can create a private DCS server in the standard DCS beta game with no problems. I can log on to the server from another computer and play a mission. The problem with this approach is that the graphics engine is running wasting process power. Instead of trying to use the DCS dedicated beta server, which would duplicate the same data on the hard drive, I was told that i could use the DCS Updater GUI Utility to do the same thing, but instead use the data already installed with the previous DCS beta installation. When using the DCS Updater GUI Utility to start a DCS server, I can launch the same mission, but no aircraft roles appear when I log into the server from another computer. The aircraft roles screen is not populated with aircraft. The DCS Web interface does show that the server not paused and is running and does show that I am logged onto it from another computer. The DCS Updater GUI Utility shows all modules are installed. So, am I missing something?
  3. Thanks for the tips. I finally got it to work. I had to set the DCS VR mode to restrict the mouse cursor to DCS windows and switch the Mixed reality mode from "Automatically switch using headset sensor" to "Manually switch using Windows Logo key + Y". For some reason, the mix reality screen was telling me that I could switch by pressing the Win + Y keys, but it was not setup in the settings to do this? Anyway, I also found another issue with the Reverb G2, in that you MUST make sure that your area is well lid, or the tracking becomes jittery. So normally I do not have my desk lamp on, but to use the reverb G2, I will now have to ensure that my play area is well lid, or tracking suffers. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  4. Yes, I have the Win + Y set which is the default setting. So as of right now, I cannot play DCS in VR, unless I revert back to my Valve Index.
  5. Yes. If I take the headset off the mouse works, but when I put the headset on, the mouse doesn't work even after trying the WIN + Y key press several times.
  6. Every time that I launch DCS in VR mode, the windows mixed reality will not allow me to use the cursor in DCS World. I tried WIN + Y, and that doesn't work. Does anyone have a solution to this issues. This is really pissing me off big time.
  7. Thanks, I know about the window focus, but I forgot about the VR center in the UI layer settings. I built a new computer, and I forgot to save my DCS configs from my old system. My previous headset was the valve index, which ran perfectly. I also found out that the G2 headset requires that the entire room be lit up so that that camera can track more accurately.
  8. When I load DCS in VR mode with the reverb G2, I cannot center the view to where I can do anything. I'm sitting in the wing of the aircraft in the hanger of the startup screen. I did all the mixed reality calibration stuff. I tried binding a key to "center view" and it doesn't work. I never had this problem with the valve index using the same key binding. I'm getting really frustrated with this headset as it is not as good, and everyone said it is and this is getting to be the last straw to where I'm about to throw it in the dumpster. This is my third replacement headset by the way. So does anyone have a solution that I can use. I bought this piece of sh*t to play DCS but it's been nothing but problems so far, not just in DCS, but in every other games as well.
  9. Just an update. So far so good. No crashes even when I turn up all of the graphics options in both the VR and on the desktop video. Have been playing for several hours. I still have my fingers cross. Maybe after a month I will try running my system with the 3600 memory running at it's rated speed to see if the crashing returns. I will update this post to see how it goes.
  10. Thanks for the feed back so here's my update: For the first time, in several months, I did a full mission in multiplayer with no computer crashes! I'm hoping that this continues and I have my fingers crossed. I think I found the problem with the controllers and crashes. I think when I tried to import the keyboard profiles for just the UILayer and the General configuration sections, it wiped out the configurations for the controllers in the other sections. So, I just manually configured them and everything seemed to work this time, and all my previous hardware bindings were retained. I can't say what the issues were on the two 1099s because I no longer have these computers to test with, but on my current rig, the 5900x, when I reduced the memory clock speed from 3600 to 3200, DCS seems stable so far. Note that the memory is rated at 3600. I can live with the small decease in memory speed, if this makes me system stable. Note that on the two 1099ks computer, I did have the memory OC'd as well, so maybe this was the issue. But like I stated, I didn't have any issues with other VR games and simulators. Maybe DCS does something different in how it manages memory. Another issue is that it seems that depending on the location you install DCS, you may need to run it as an administrator because when one of the DCS sub systems tries to access a windows resource it will crash to the desktop. If you do need to run DCS world as an administrator, you will also need to run all of the external modules as an administrator as well. When I did this on my 1099k rigs, I had to run the following programs as administrators: OBS, SRS, and TrackIR, and SteamVR. Anyway thanks for the feedback, I hope my solutions will help someone else.
  11. In the last several months I have built three separate computer systems to run DCS, two of them 1099K CPUs, and the third a Ryzen 5900x. In each case I have installed the Windows 10 Pro OS clean and only copied over my document, pictures, videos, music and downloaded directories. I purposely didn't copy the AppData, so that all of my software would install clean configurations. I have been building PC systems since the 90's and many of my systems that I built in 2000 are still running today as "Hand me down" computers. I have had serious issues with DCS crashing on the two Intel systems, so I decided to try to run DCS on the Ryzen system. After doing a clean install of Windows 10, and a clean install of ALL drivers, and a clean install of DCS, I configure my hardware controllers bindings. After I exited the configuration screen, my controller buttons did not work. So when I went into the controller screen, ALL of my settings under each controller was deleted. Once again I tried to configure my controllers, and again when I exited the controller screen, my controllers didn't work. I when back in the controllers configuration screen the previous settings were deleted. I never had this issue with the last update, so is this something that I should file a ticket on? In the last several months, I have been having so many issues with DCS on several systems now, my next question is, can I transfer all of my modules to another user. I have in the last year purchased all of the modules including the new Hind helicopter, but I just can't deal with the constant problems that I have been having with DCS anymore. This game is no longer fun to play. I have spend over $10,000 in the last year building new systems just to play this game, and in each case, I cannot get this game to run without it crashing. I have had EVGA RMA four 2080 TI cards due to this game crashing and with the exception of one card being bad, I was told by EVGA that the other three cards passed all factory diagnostics. Note that I have never had a crash with any of my other simulator and VR games. DCS is the only game that I am having constant issues with.
  12. This seems to be a problem with EVGA cards as I never had a problem with other vendor cards. Not sure why. BTW, I'm on my fourth RMA EVGA 2080TI, and I will never buy another EVGA card again due to all of the issues that I have been having with their products. BTW, I had this problem using the same EGVA 2080 TI on three separate computer systems two where Intel, and the third was a 5900x Ryzen system.
  13. I created a practice mission with a MIg 29 at 15,000 feet, and it took forever to lock it up. Once I locked up the Mig 29 with a soft lock, I switched the TWS mode to Auto mode and it immediately the radar was switched to 43,000 ft, breaking the soft lock. I then had to switch back to manual mode to relock the MIg 29. Note that the MIG 29 was not flanking, but was cold. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Before the update, once I got a soft lock in TWS mode, I would switch to Auto mode to have the radar automatically keep the radar at the correct altitude while tracking the target.
  14. When I run DCS using an OEM NVidia 1080 TI, I never have any crashes, but when I upgraded to an EVGA 2080 TI on March 2020, DCS crashes almost every time I run it, but if I run it as an Administrator it never crashes and runs fine. I am using the latest drivers on both the OEM 2080 TI, and the EVGA 2080 IT. All my games directories are located on my D:\Games folder Also, when the games crash to the desktop, there are no errors recorded in the Windows 10 application and system event logs. Note that this issues never occurred on my Alienware 51 (i9-7900x), until I replaced the OEM Nvidia card with an EGVA 2080 TI. I have the same issue with my home-built system (Ryzen 5900x). My new system was built just a few weeks ago with a clean install of Windows 10 Pro and all games and programs. In the last year, Dell had spent 40 hours troubling shooting my Alienware 51 and could not find any issues with the OEM Video card, and another 40 hours troubleshooting the Alienware with the EGVA 2080 TI which also did not have any issues. I am now on my fourth RMA EVGA 2080 TI, and in each case, EGVA stated that three of the cards that they replaced were not defective. Another fact: When I stress test the EGVA 2080 TI card in both the Alienware 51, and my new 5900x system, the EVGA 2080 TI passes all tests perfectly. I am at a lost a why this is happening because the 1080 TI works without elevated privilege's, but the 2080 TI does not? I been building and troubleshooting computers since the 90's, and I have never seen this type of behavior before.
  15. OK, I figured out what broke everything. I reconfigured DCS WORLD to run as an administrator due to to it constantly crashing. Running DCS as an administrator seemed to fix this problem but caused the problem I posted above. What happened is that Both Voice Command and SRS are ran as administrators, but I never had a reason to run TrackIR as an administrator. So when I changed DCS to run as an administrator, it seems that this stopped TrackIR from modifying the keystrokes that were passed to it. The fix was to run TrackIR as an administrator. And so far everything is working.
  16. For an entire year, I had no issues with using voice attack to center my cockpit view while using Track IR and now it no longer works. In fact, even without using voice attack, I can't even center the cockpit view using the num5 key while TrackIR is running. The only way I can now center the cockpit view is when Track IR is not running which defeats the purpose of using TrackIR in the first place. Note that I had the trap option for the num5 key unchecked which allows Track IR to pass the keystroke to the next application. So, at this point, I can no longer play DCS World because I have to reenter the cockpit every 15 minutes or so, and I cannot do this while TrackIR is running. I tried restoring my saved games from a backup but this didn't work, so something has changed. Can anyone explain to me why none of the center view keys work when TrackIR is running, but do work when TrackIR is not running?
  17. So far the only modules that I am having issues with are the A-10C and A-10CII. My issue is that SRS is not recognizing my joystick presses when I am using these two modules, but SRS works perfectly when using other DCS modules such as the F-18C and F-16C. So I'm pulling my hair out trying to resolve this issue. What is weird is that SRS shows the correct radios in both the A-10C and A-10C II modules, and if I press the keyboard bindings of the radios, then SRS shows that the radios are selected and displays the TR letters next to the corresponding radio. SRS works on the multiplayer server when I am using the F-18C or F-16C modules, but doesn't work when I switch to the A-10 on the same multiplayer server. The SRS configuration windows shows the correct joystick bindings, and I cleared and then reset the bindings to verify that SRS is detecting the key presses on the joystick. Note that I tried several multiplayer servers and I still get the same issue with the A-10C and A-10CII modules.
  18. I plan on moving DCS to another computer and for each plane I exported out the Keyboard, Joystick, Rudder pedals, and the throttle profiles. I also exported out the profiles for the "General" and "UI Layer" sections. I know that I need to copy the DCS saved games folder over to the new computer. So when I run DCS, the profiles for the controllers will not exist due to the USB ID being different on the new computer, and DCS will create default profiles for my Keyboard, Joystick, Rudder Pedals, and Throttle. So, I'm assuming that once the hardware is plugged in, I clear the profiles for the Keyboard, Joystick, Throttle, and Rudder Pedals, and then import the saved versions? Has anyone tried this?
  19. I plan on moving DCS to another computer, and I don't want to have to remap the joystick buttons. Since this will be a new computer, the USB ID will be different. Is there a way to change the USB ID using the VKB software. I managed to find the USB ID in the registry, but there are too many instances of the ID to change it manually on the new computer. The Virpil software allows you to edit the USB ID within the configuration software, but I cannot find away to do this with the VKB Sim software.
  20. I'm using voice attack and have programmed all of the DDI's to use voice commands to activate the buttons, it's quicker to just speak the button name instead of programming all of the DDI menus and submenus. I looked at Bailey's voice attack profile, but the problem is that I have a accent so I instead of staying for example "R", I have to program voice attack to respond to "Are". This issue is that I only want to use voice attack simple voice commands for the DDI buttons, so that I can say the button position over the menu option, instead of the DDM menu option itself. As I stated, I have a heavy accent which confuses voice attack a lot.
  21. I have a SB Sim Gunfighter Pro which is an excellent joystick BTW, but I'm having a hard time in figuring out how to tune the paddle switch to start the zoom from the normal zoom position instead of the maximum zoomed out position. I want to start out at the zoom normal position, and when I squeeze the paddle switch, I zoom out.
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