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  1. After the latest update, I'm still having the same issue that Baily posted if I change the GUI scale to a value greater than 1. I only have one monitor. Has anyone submitted a bug report on this?
  2. If the files are located in your profile folder, "Saved Games", you can use the Windows 10 file history to restore the files a day before you selected reset.
  3. When I display the Kneeboard, the outline doens't match the kneeboard image and the tab markings get all screwed up. I tried doing a repair, and the extensive integrity check, but I still get this issue with every aircraft. Any suggestions? I'm not going to reinstall DCS World because everything else is working, and the last time I had to reinstall DCS with all my assets, I almost exceeded my data cap which slowed my internet connection from 250 Mbs to 10 Mbs for several days.
  4. I figured out the super carrier, but I'm still having issues with landing at an airport. unless I do a complete shutdown, I get no options to taxi to runway, just the "parent menu" option when contacting the tower. It's not a game breaker, but it is immersion breaking. Thanks for the info.
  5. Once I take off and then land, the ATC tells me to taxi to parking. So, I taxi to a parking ramp, and when I then contact the ATC, there are no options. I tried rearming and refueling, and I still get no options in the ATC communications sub-menu. BUI, if I shut down the aircraft, I then get the option to "startup" from the ATC menu. Is there a specific place where I supposed to park before the ATC menu starts working again? This is especially a problem when trying to practice landing on the super carrier as the launch crew will not get in position to allow me to do a catapult launch u
  6. I getting the same error message. I had to reinstall a clean version of Windows 10 due to a corrupted M.2 SSD and now I can't install either the stable or beta version of using the web installer. I get the same COULDN'T CONNECT TO SERVER message. I tried disabling my Anti-virus, and connecting directly to the internet and I get the same error. I had no issues with any of the 20 other games that I installed. I put in a ticket, but it looks like even that got lost, so I'll have to but in another ticket.
  7. I just did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 and when I downloaded the latest beta installer, as of the date that I am posting this issue, I get the following error message: "Couldn't Connect to Server" Note that my computer's hardware and software configuration hasn't changed. I have checked my settings on my router's firewall which allows ALL outbound traffic from my network and all inbound traffic that is initiated from my network. I have verified that Norton AV does have a program rule that allows the updater access to the Internet. The updater doesn't create any log f
  8. Yea, just confirmed that if I start a mission with the F-18 from either a cold start or from parking ramp hot from any carrier, the track file fails and the F-18 crashes. If I start the mission on the catapult on any carrier then the track file works as intended. Is this a known bug because I can't find anyone else reporting this?
  9. I think I found the issue. When I takeout from an airfield, or start from mid air, the track replay work correctly even when landing on the basic or super carrier; it's only when the F-18 cold starts from a carrier when the track file starts breaking. I haven't tested a track file create from a catapult launch, or a ramp hot start, and will update this post later in the week.
  10. I been having an issue where when I land at on the supercarrier, the tower stops communicating with me, and the only message that I get when contacting the tower is "Arrival Parking". I tried taxiing to a designated parking spot according to the supercarrier manual, but the tower will not talk to me. The reason this irks me is because I want to practice super carrier procedures and it's a pain in the ass to keep starting up a new aircraft to do this. Am I missing something?
  11. Yes, I had to use this mod, but why is it taking so long for the devs to add grid coordinateds, and fix the AGM 65E?
  12. If I land at an airport, or on the super carrier to do just touch an goes, I longer get any menu options to talk to the tower after landing. All I get is the option to return to the "Parent Menu" when I contact the tower. BUT if I shut down the plan and then rearm and refuel, then I get the option to request start up and every thing works normally. When landing at an airport, I'm told to taxi to parking, but when I taxi to a parking slot, I still only get the option to return to the "Parent Menu". The airport is configured as a friendly in the mission editor. What am I doing wrong or m
  13. By the way, I noticed in Wagner's video, he fired after telling the JTAC laser on, and did not follow the entire JTAC procedure. He only did one run through. Can anyone recommend a video that does show several runs using the correct JTAC procedures with a F-18C using AGM 65E and F? Thanks for the feeback.
  14. It's still hit or miss with both the AGM 65E and 65F on my system. I'm having issues even when not using a JTAC. I watched over 20 hours of videos on using this missiles in the F-18, and I'm not getting why sometimes the AGMs lock on the target and sometimes they don't. I don't have this issue with GBU's or JDAMS; it's only with the AGM 65E and F with or without the JTAC.
  15. How to get the disount for the A-10CII if you had the steam A-10C version If you transferred all of your Steam DCS modules to the standalone version, you will not see the upgrade price of &9.95 for the A-10C II. So what I did was I bought the upgrade for $9.95 on Steam. Reloaded the Steam version of DCS. Then I when into the properties of the Steam DCS and verified that the A-10C II was installed. Next I logged into my DCS World account, went into my profile and selected the option to Edit/Delete profile. Once you are here, you should see a Steam section. There is an option to "GE
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