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  1. Hi TomVR, Did you ever make more progress with this, or did it stagnate?
  2. I am trying to make a tomcat stick from scratch and had a few questions. First of all, what is HB's stance on extracting 3d files for strictly personal uses like DIY projects (I'm pretty sure that this falls under fair use)? And second, if it is an acceptable use, does anyone know of any freeware tools too extract .edm 3d files from DCS into a usable form?
  3. I've heard rumors that they have/are implementing a more aggressive audio feedback into the upcoming A model, which should be implemented into the B model as well, but I am a bit out of the loop ATM. check their YouTube for the updated sound model clips and you might find something.
  4. Oh! Cool, do you have any idea of specifics or further details? Or is this all you can give us?
  5. Does the afterburner throw of the throttles in a real Tomcat have detents to denote the different afterburner zones, or is the throw smooth after the Mil power detent?
  6. GS just made a video on that the other day, go check it out.
  7. I've had similar experiences, Does Jester reference off of the horizon or off of the wings for his WVR calls?
  8. This has me way more excited than it should, but a question has been eating at me: is the yaw string going to have transonic/supersonic effects modeled or will it just lie flat through the entire flight regime?
  9. Seems to me that you taking a day off of work for this is your own problem. That gives you no basis to get mad at anyone other than yourself. Also, seeing as your account was created March of this year, I think it is rather unlikely that you have been actively engaged in complaining to Heatblur for "almost a decade."
  10. I suspect that there is probably already a thread discussing this, but i have not been able to find one... Anyways, I would love to see some sort of mechanic during close in fights where Jester could occasionally give airspeed callouts. I think that one possible way to implement this would be via a "speed?" option on the menu wheel or as a key bind. alternatively, the pilot could interrupt Jester's clock bearing calls with a "Got 'em" menu item, which would transition Jester into giving speed calls either for a set amount of time, until the bandit moves outside of the forward cone of the airc
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