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  1. Excellent work, thank you very much for this mod!
  2. Just saw this chart you've posted few years ago, Seems like there is a long way to go from the 33 deg on the indicator to the stall AoA (the solid black line on the first chart), especially at slower speeds... Seems to confirm the article in the original post. Or is that only MiG-21F too?
  3. Are we playing the same game? After AIM-9X and R-73, the Magic II is the best turning short range missile in the game, has better flare resistance than the R-73 and probably same as AIM-9M. It's range seems more limited than those other two on paper but I never had it run out of juice even when I get impatient and launch it at longer than the indicated max range. In dogfight range the missile is a killer, almost always scored a hit when I launched it.
  4. More than 400 "fatback" Izd. 9-13 were delivered that didn't have R-77 capability. Only 16 Izd. 9-13S with R-77 capability were delivered.
  5. Interesting article. But the DCS MiG-21bis doesn't match the stall AoA described there. It stalls at exactly 33 degrees indicated regardless of the speed. Just tried flying it in circles at 350 km/h on afterburner (on deck). Slight wobble begins at 28 degrees indicated. Sudden stall at exactly 33. According to the article it should stall at more than 10 additional degrees at that speed.
  6. I bought the complete FC3 pack because I wasn't sure what I was going to fly, but I was imagining the Su-27 and the F-15C. About a year later, I'm flying mostly the MiG-29 and occasionally the Su-25. So my advice is to wait for the 50% discount and get the entire pack.
  7. Thanks for the info! Seems like the range scale of the locked target is in KM, which means there is a bug in the current implementation because the indicated range is incorrect (around 20% more in my example).
  8. I couldn't find info in the manual what the units on the horizontal scale in the radar scope mean, but they look pretty close to KM. However they are slightly off, is that bug or the scale means something else? Here is a screenshot to illustrate what I mean: Target is locked, distance to target from the in-game labels is 8.7 km, distance mark in the scope is slightly more than 10, say 10.5 units.
  9. Would be nice to link the radar and the RWR screens brightness to the HUD brightness, like on the MiG-29. That way we can dim them all for night flying or brighten them up during the day.
  10. It works exactly like this in the game. After take off, level out, engage AP Attitude Hold and proceed to do your flying. The plane goes where you put the velocity vector (on the HUD) and you don't need to touch anything besides the stick X/Y axes. Don't touch the trim buttons at all. You could also use this mode for air refueling, it's smoother with it on.
  11. I use the autopilot after I mark the target to keep the "wings" level (with small corrections via the trim hat). Found it too be both more accurate and easier way to deliver the bombs in CCRP.
  12. Would the lift coefficient change if the missile is rotated 45 degrees along the axis (to resemble X instead of +)?
  13. Yes, look-down should be similar to MiG-23MLA. Russian sources describe Cyrano IV as Pulse-Doppler with external coherence source.
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