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  1. I can confirm that installing KB5001391 helps. I had same annoying problem when I made my own mission I could fly it once and crashed the second time. If I went always back to main menu after flying and opened the same mission and then flew it, it worked ok. I installed today the KB patch for MSFS2020 and surprise, surprise all the dcs crashes totally stopped.
  2. vermu

    Harrier module

    Hi, I own f-18 and f-16 modules. I haven't thought of buying harrier before though I like the looks a lot and have seen in air shows. Today I saw interview about coming Falklands map and my brother said how real life pilot was praising the harriers cockpit. That's why I now have a bit of itch for harrier and sales ends in 20 hours. How far harrier module is in development? I don't want another f-16. Is it worth to get now?
  3. Hi, I wish there would be more option what's included in game mode in ww2 planes. I think game mode goes too far when you can fly and fight without wings. There could be different options for easier management like in flight simulator 2020. I like to fly with friends who are not into hard core simulation but I would also like fight fair battles where players can't shoot me down without wings.
  4. I noticed I had game mode on. I have to test if that option has an effect. Yep, sorry it was my mistake. I didn't notice I had game mode on.
  5. Hi, I don't know if this issue is reported already. I have been playing a lot of hours with ww2 planes with my friends after the new damage model was released. We noticed that when you crash on tree or some other object and loose your wing or wings the crash does not affect how the plane handles. You can fly just like nothing happened. The same applies if you collide in midair with other player and loose wing or wings. Nothing happens and you can fly just fine. I noticed that ghost gunners in bombers was patched but not this issue.
  6. For me the channel map was a really big surprise. I thought it would be a bit better than Normandy but it's huge leap from Normandy. Elevation changes makes flying in the map a real joy. And I tested Spitfire for the first time and really fell for it. If I compare PG map and FS2020 there's really big difference in cities. But when I fly in channel map I don't even think about FS2020 anymore. At least for me it's looking that good. And at last I got to test Syria map. Syria is new map but still I think that channel map has the best towns in dcs. Thanks a lot for the free fly ED.
  7. Hi, I have flown a lot with allied ww2 fighters with my family members during the free time period. Channel map is super nice to fly around. Are the any plans to add more variety to German ww2 bombers? It's nice to stop torpedo attacks but it would also be nice to try to stop bombing of an airfield. We have flown with allied fighters against b17's but the feeling ain't the same. Are there any plans to add bomber variant of Ju-88 or HE-111 to ww2 asset pack. I noticed that there is HE-111 available as mod but I would guess that then there would be no damage model at all.
  8. Hi, All in all I am enjoying the new damage model. I am just wondering when I shoot bombers why fire and smoke trail is coming from wing and not from motor. I am not sure if it's bug cause it's so obvious. One thing that is really bugging me is strong light coming from fire trail. Light is so strong even in daylight. I like to take screenshots a lot but that strong light is always ruining my shots. Actually light is so strong that it is bleeding to engines on the other side of the fuselage. I hope they are going to tweak the fire light. Of course there are obvious bugs also in the
  9. Patch improved damage model. Before I couldn't destroy A-50 on the ground with gbu's. Previously, before bugged patch, I dropped two gbu 16's and A-50 didn't get destroyed. Now 1 gbu 16 is enough though 2 gbu 12's are not. Maybe not realistic on that regard but surely better than before.
  10. It's good to remember that closed testers are not robots but humans. I can imagine that a lot of testing has gone to p-47 and channel map. If you don't expect a bug breaking what ever is broken now, it's possible it will slip through. And they are planning to patch it today. You can say that I don't have years of frustration with dcs. You are right and maybe because of that I can see things differently. Like upu said dcs is not the only game with bugs etc. But if they patch dcs today, I can say that they sure are fast in that regard.
  11. I have been only a short time part of this community but I think Bignewy is doing fine job. He can send news only when he has news. It's not his fault if he sometimes bring bad news about postponed patches or slow advancing modules. By the way F-16 is not a disaster like someone mentioned. I enjoy very much flying with it. I like to take screen captures a lot and in my opinion camera loves F-16.
  12. Yeah, we flew hornets. We'll try it again today but yesterday we tried 5 times in a row and it didn't work out. For me it works always like charm. I asked this if there are syncing issues or something else. But we don't get any rubberbanding or other issues when just flying in formation.
  13. Hi, I had a blast dropping laser guided bombs so I decided to do the same with my son. We had nav points at the same spot in mission editor. We slaved nav point to flir and I had to slew flir cursor just a tad down and I saw the target. My son said he can't find the target that was a plane on ramp. I went to see his flir and I couldn't find the target either. I double checked the mission editor and nav points were at the same target. Our planes started mid air and close to each other. I finally found the target from my son's flir but the nav point was quite far away from target. I was
  14. What missions are crashing for you? I mostly do my own missions where I test things but I don't have any problems with my own missions and game loads really fast. I could try out the same missions if I am getting crashes too and bad performance.
  15. A-50 is the first one I just can't destroy. I just tested largest Tupolev bomber and it destroyed just fine. Though it looked like first gbu only damaged it and second one completely destroyed it. All fighters I have tested can be destroyed just fine with one maverick. This is link to new lasing video. Dcs community is making great tutorial videos. Much nicer to learn new things like this than reading manual.
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