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  1. Another crash, this one in PGAW after firing a sidewinder at a Su-25T. I'm not sure if this is the same issue (never had the pop-up before) but the circumstances were similar, and it wasn't GAW. dcs.log.old
  2. I have several great pictures, but this one is a bit striking. Anyone want to guess how I got this? - No photoshop work here. (Yes it is dark, the white forum background doesn't help. Click to enlarge.)
  3. I had 2 crashes with similar circumstances in GAW tonight. In the first instance, I was in a tail chase with a pair of Su-25Ts. I had Jester get STT but he lost it when switching to P-STT so I used PAL to re-acquire. Firing an AIM-7M from 10 miles did NOT cause the game to crash but the missile missed for some reason. The target turned so I rapidly closed the distance and fired an AIM-9M. The game immediately crashed. In the second instance, I fired an AIM-54C from about 30 miles in TWS. The radar lost lock and the missile did not ever go pitbull. I had to turn away due
  4. This just happened to me. Autopilot on, starting at ~6000 ft. I engaged full AB, dropped the tanks and climbed to 40,000 steeply at first, then gradually lowering the nose to about 5 degrees. Speed never reached M1.1 and after a while the engines exploded. Very cool effect. (And I love the new sounds!)
  5. Thanks for the discussion of helicopter rotor returns, it makes sense. I'm happy to learn something new. :)
  6. Don't the rotors provide a return at rather high doppler?
  7. For the past 2 days I can't get DCS sounds to work with certain devices, and I also can't simultaneously get DCS and SRS sound. Here are some relevant messages and errors from dcs.log (in the F-14 free-flight, I swapped the audio output once or twice): 2020-09-27 01:23:48.702 INFO SOUND: Using driver: wasapi 2020-09-27 01:23:48.704 INFO SOUND: Found 5 available audio device(s): 2020-09-27 01:23:48.704 INFO SOUND: 0: ID: "{}.{0ff738b5-8c2a-44b3-a55d-1f161fefc217}", Name: "Headphones (Jabra Evolve 75 Stereo)" 2020-09-27 01:23:48.704 INFO SOUND: 1: ID: "{0.0.0
  8. I have one suggestion: when the player has F10 menu radio messages to transmit, can you allow the message to be re-transmitted? Right now if you send an F10 message while tuned to the wrong channel, it seems like all the messages stop working and you miss instructions. I've done this a couple times and had to re-start the mission. If possible I'd only remove the F10 menu options after the player sees the reply. That way, the player can change their channel and re-try until they get it right.
  9. Ok, makes sense. I pulled into a very nearly vertical dive, so the RWR must have been obscured.
  10. I just played mission 4 of the (very fun) Earnest Will campaign. The F-4 hit me with a Sparrow according to the log. The hit occurred after I had re-committed, because the RWR "warbling" noise stopped around the time I started going defensive. The RWR made no noise from then until the time I was hit. Since AIM-7s require constant illumination from the launching aircraft, should the RWR make noise the entire time? Does it have blind spots?
  11. It's not just "perception" - I have many tacview files for this mission. As long as the A-4s have chaff, my hit rate with AIM-54C is under 25% when launching from around <25 miles. The hit rate was 100% if I remove the opponent's chaff. I don't know if this is due to some modeled behavior of which I am unaware, or an issue specific to the A-4, or a bug in ED's missile logic, or something else. But the behavior is 100% reproducible. I can post a mission or tacview file if that is useful. (Is there a way to attach a file here?)
  12. I've been playing a mission over and over for the past few days. In the mission, the client is an F-14B engaging first 4 community A-4 Skyhawks, and a bit later there are 4 Su-33s. The AIM-54C is almost completely ineffective against the A-4s; if I fire off 4 at around 20-25 miles and ~ 20,000+ ft., if I am lucky 1 will hit a target. I've looked in track files and watched one follow the target (locked in STT in this case, but I usually do TWS), then spontaneously and violently veer of course. As an experiment, tonight I removed all the chaff from the A-4s and tried again. Firing 4 missiles
  13. In the same mission, non-supercarrier hot start, my takeoff is blocked by 4 static F-18s on the front starboard side of the deck. I guess we're supposed to launch from cat 3 and 4 but it is set to 1 and 2, with player on 2.
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