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  1. As to why no PGM use in the stan by the soviets. A couple of reasons really. All attention was directed towards the central front… things were pretty hot in those days. Early 80's was when the operational balance of power shifted to the west as ALCM and M1A1 came online. In the east, the strategic rocket forces deployed Topol in significant numbers. Which elevated paranoia to a level unheard of before Theres no way VVS would have dipped into the central front stocks to fight a 'bush fire' war against 'savages'. And more importantly the army wouldn’t have let them (all services are sub
  2. And in which high threat environment has the A-10 operated? Hadji's throwing stones and using bad language does not constitute a high threat AO. Id agree the A-10 is a good system in COIN environments e.g. Its a glorified Bronco. High intensity warfare is however, a COMPLETELY different ball game.
  3. Being Australian.. hes no doubt good friends with an American or two. They say jump, and GG ask's how high?
  4. When you say Jet Do you mean 'fast jets' or something like an A-10? A F-16 coming in at 250m/s is going to be pretty hard to hit compared to a warthog struggling to break 90m/s. (even more ot) Whilst we all love the A-10, I have serious doubts as to its survivability on the northern European battlefield. Flying low and slow on the modern battlefield, regardless of the level of amour & redundancy is a fools gambit. The US should have gone with the YF-9...the Russian's did :D
  5. If the Russian navy were to procure the KUB's they would be the only nation on earth to operate a heavy maritime tactical strike platform with the ability to employ Air Launched Cruise Missiles, heavy Anti-Radiation & Anti Ship weapons. There is no analogue currently in service anywhere in the world. The system far surpasses the woeful capabilities of the current 'default' western maritime strike aircraft. And in many way's out performs the next generation system in all the important areas: range with X payload and max bring-back load. A rich SEA / Pacific nation purchasing a CV and KUB
  6. With the degree of strategic surprise in which the operations was conducted. 10 Sopwith camel's with satchel chargers, led by a Pavelow would have been adequate. Yes I agree having options is indeed a good thing, but it makes far more sense to give the guys on the ground a few more Igla's. An AD gunner hiding in a hole is 100x more survivable and flexible than a rotary wing craft. The Ka-52 is a different beast all together, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to receive DEAD & A2A capabilities. As for Lomac/BS im all for the KA-50 having r-73's! In this case, realism need
  7. Russia does not use it's attack helicopters in the deep strike or deliberate attack role (these are the WORST type of missions for rotary wing craft. Seems the US likes to learn these things the hard way), where you may run into marauding apache's, warthog's, Vipers & Harrier's who are themselves tasked with CAS & interdiction type missions. Attack helicopters are a frontal fire support platform primarily and a frontal exploitation platform secondary. They operate very close to the FEBA and usually in very close proximity to the FLOT. When your sides packing the SA-15, SA-18 and SA-1
  8. If your flying the Russain fighters & f-16's & 18's are killing you in the WVR fight your doing something VERY wrong. These highly under capable platform's simply lack the T:W for the vertical fight. Take them vertical and its like fish in a barrel... As far as BVR goes, F-14's + AWG-9/APG-7 + AIM-54 is freaking hard to match 1 vs 1 with SARH R-27's. Im personally not convinced of the true terminal maneuverability of the aim-54, seems over modeled in LOMAC (please, no one quote the fictional writing's of Tom Cooper and ACIG)
  9. Hi All, Finnaly got back into LO after a stint playing MMO's (no... not the one with Fairy's and Pixies ;p) Anyhoo, im finding ground launched ATGM's are smacking into the ground routinely. In earlier versions, I was able to get around this by simply changing the location. But im finding no matter where the vehicles are firing from (i even put one on a hill) the SSM seems to head straight for the ground. Is this a known issue, or am I simply doing something wrong?
  10. Someone buy this man a beer.. Ru company Ru devs primary market = Ru 1+1=2? Surely those of sam can comprehend this?
  11. Landing gears the least of your worries EM hardning for avonics and munitons is the real issue (along with corroision). Dedicated ground attack helio's in the blue water fleet? I want some of what you guys are smoking :D
  12. mig-29k for the win :D edit: mmm or maybe su-24... Tough call, interdictor or a true multi role fighter :/ Both? :P
  13. WTF French? lol mate, im kiwi. The little country with big balls.. I think you need to leave your fall out shelter and open your eyes bud. The only thing japans coveting are big juicy whales. Don’t worry, you and your 5 wives are safe and sound in Utah.
  14. lol... let me guess. You wouldnt buy a jap car becuase of events that occured 60+ years ago? /me waves to the banjo totting yokel.
  15. Physics close to reality / clickable cockpit VERY cool collection of planes (i grew up on western planes, yawn) / the ultimate fanboy fighter (and probably the most overated modern fighter, lol @ lawn darts) Heres the big thing for me... The russian birds are simple as hell. Simple = easier to model. With more data being avaible in the public domain. Thus a more 'realistic' simming experinece. Falcon will never approach the realisim of Lomac for this VERY simple reason. edit: who really cares about the F-15c? The primary market is certainly of this opinion. Go play on
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