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  1. Understandable, the GF Ultimate offers supreme quality feeling
  2. I wanted to order it, when it was initially presented...now i have cm3 throttle with allready lots of buttons with the selector knob:(
  3. Thanks for that explanation. We need them China hat and boat switches vor the CM3
  4. Thanks manthis I already paid attention to after the first incidents. btw the LED is staying green since the last days, so I couldn’t try the loctite yet
  5. I can see that with the extension the leverage is high and the tolerance for misaligned pins gets smaller. I will report after testing the loctite. That's another great idea with the dead zone at the end for protecting the precious base, thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. I refer to the LED on the blackbox, that usally is green after setup. I don't think its a problem of the movement limit, i think its because the 3 Pins seem to not make good contact in some movement of the stick. Might try the locktite, good idea
  7. Hi, can one help me with my Gunfighter MkIII? I have the problem, that the red light flashes when i move the stick forward occassionaly. I fix it every time with losening the extension and re-fastening it really tight (REALLY TIGHT). I allready swaped to another extension and changed the grip. But it comes again occassionaly My setup is GF III with 20cm Stick extension and MCG Ultimate / Kg-12. thanks in advance
  8. Thank you all. Finally i just installed the "russian" version mentioned above and so far it apears to be in english?! Well, it works without the cinematics (only played first two missions)
  9. Hi, i switched from the warthog throttle to the CM3 a couple of weeks ago and like it very much. My only downside is that I am missing the feel of the different buttons e.g. the China hat and boat Switch on the warthog. It’s not so easy to differentiate the buttons on the CM3. is there a way to change them or has anyone made custom buttons?
  10. Hello, i really enjoyed the Sturmovik campaign for the A10C and now want to play it with the Tank Killer. I copied the files but it still is an A10c not the II Can one help me, how i correctly convert it? I also found an updated version of the campaign in the user files, but sadly it's in russian. Thank you
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