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  1. Excellent! That's great to hear. My Thrustmaster Warthog throttle just came in today and I'm itching to play that new campaign!
  2. It's a shame. They really need to get that multi-core CPU optimization update to their engine they have been talking about in some of the interviews. I will not play this game without VR. So it looks like I won't be purchasing the Syria map for a while. I hardly use the Persian Gulf map because of the framerate stutters. Do you use either the Kegetys or speed-of-heat variants of the shaders mod? Curious if anyone has tried Syria out with that. From what you are saying, I doubt it will help much.
  3. Has anyone installed the Open Beta update with the shaders mod yet? I know the newest version of both Kegetys and speed-of-heat's variants of the mod have been working for the last several updates. So I'm hoping that is the case with this one as I really want the Raven One campaign.
  4. Edit: Disregard - I was not aware I had to have the latest version in order to download the campaign. All good here. I have a ticket submitted to ED for this. But thought I'd post this here to see if anyone else has had this problem: I just purchased the campaign(last night) and it has yet to show up for download in the Module Manager within DCS. Has anyone else had this issue before? Now, this is the first campaign I have actually purchased. So did I miss something about how to install it? It shows on the website that it is supposed to be installed via the Module Manager like all o
  5. Will this be a paid campaign I presume? Forgive my ignorance as I'm still new-ish to DCS. Really just now digging into campaigns.
  6. I did what both you and MadMonty said and everything is good now. That was maddening!
  7. Is anyone else having an issue where the Comms Menu keeps popping up in the upper right hand corner(as usual) on its own and then disappears over and over again? It did not happen an hour ago before I updated and it's driving me nuts. I have checked my HOTAS, key bindings, everything. Nothing on my end has changed to cause this issue. I don't even use the Comms menu as I have Vaicom/VoiceAttack. Help!
  8. I ended up removing the mod, deleting fxo and metashaders2, terrain DCS folder contents, using the DCS repair utility and then reinstalling using speed-of-heat's mod package. Mask is back and running smooth as butter.
  9. I am not sure what your rig's hardware consists of. But I would definitely set up both your DCS system & VR settings along with the NVIDIA Control Panel settings as shown in the links that are in speed-of-heat's signature. If that doesn't work, turn things down from there starting with shadows and Antistropic Filtering. If you look in my sig, I do not have a slouch for a PC. Even with a 3090x and 2080 Ti, i can't really do more than S-O-H's settings and maintain a consistent framerate.
  10. Quick question to...well whoever: So just to be safe I removed speed-of-heat's modded kegetys shaders, cleared fxo, etc. Then updated to 50726. Just to experiment, I used Kegetys version when I reinstalled mods. So something I noticed immediately: If you look at my monitor while in VR mode, the mask/circled perimeter is gone. Did Kegetys remove that on this latest version of the shaders? I know I read in the notes that ED added the MSAA mask size option under the VR tab. But I haven't noticed any difference in performance or visuals regardless of where I set that to. I have gone from .25-1.
  11. Yes but they rolled out a hot fix supposedly today. So I believe that is why that is shown in the patch notes. But I will have to check it out when I get home later.
  12. I read back a few pages and it appears others are having the HUD that is too dim issue along with other lighting issues as well. Here are the two threads I found about it. So it just appears it is the latest Open Beta version: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=276609 https://old.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/gw49wn/dcs_cockpit_lighting_looks_absolutely_horrible/ I don't think this explains my issues with the haziness though. I sent a PM to Kegetys so we'll see if we get it figured out.
  13. No worries at all, my friend. Your willingness to help and knowledge are much appreciated. I'm still a newby after all. Lol
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