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  1. Setting up an AI JTAC isn't the issue though. I was looking to basically do exactly what this script does, except instead of a laser code, just an IR mark. I wanted to record my own audio and not use the AI Jtac. Thank you though :)
  2. Hate to bring a thread out of the dead. But is there a similar script, or a way to edit that script so that it's only an IR mark, as opposed to a laser?
  3. Hey all, It seems that I can only use the mouse in VR as normal to move cockpit switches and push buttons. However when it comes to moving overlaid applications like SRS or Scratchpad, there is no actual way of using my "real mouse" to click and drag on the overlay to position it where I want. Is there some sort of key bind to get my regular mouse to click and drag overlaid applications? Thanks!
  4. Hello, The TDC on the radar slews on its own. It doesn't it completely randomly. Sometimes it does it, I restart the game and then it's fine. I have the TDC bug slew on my Saitek X52 throttle the little HAT switch you use with your index finger. There is no axis, it's only an ON/OFF switch. When I go to test the controller, it isn't sticking in the ON position, so it doesn't seem to be hardware. Any possible fixes out there for this auto slewing TDC? It ALWAYS slews down in range, never up. Even if I reverse my controls, it always slews down, which makes me think even more
  5. Perfect, thanks timbob. Got it working. PD I have to keep at 1.0, with the reverb, running 125% SS on Steam VR, any increase in PD in game starts to destroy frames. But the quality still came out great!
  6. Actually t1mbob, do you use this method? If so, do you find you need to change your pixel density to anything above 1.0? I find that to be a frame killer.
  7. Exactly!, mind explaining how to set up the game? And how you got a nice 16:9 image like that? Also, are you using the optimization mod there?
  8. Hello all, I have the HP Reverb and I was wondering if there is any way to record DCS in full screen on my monitor 16:9 aspect ratio without any distortion. I realize I can change from the regular "square" to full screen with Alt+Enter, however this greatly distorts the image. This guy: Seems to have a nice clear and undistorted image with 16:9 aspect ratio, any ideas how he might've done it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks! You know what...maybe I got auto logged out. Seems to work now haha.
  10. I can confirm. Same issue for myself as of yesterday with Steam's 2.5.5
  11. Says 24 hours for account activation, but still can't post?
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