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  1. My son flies using an xbox controller. It does not have an axis slider. The AH-6J mod only has the option to control collective from joystick, but not keyboard. How can I add this function?
  2. None that I could find. Have a look at the Ah-6J mod efm. I learned more from that than the FM template.
  3. So the problem turned out to be that I was compiling the dll in debug mode instead of release mode. Makes all the difference.
  4. Damianntrix Thank you for posting this. Unfortunately I am using Blender. Any chance you or anyone could export that as an fbx file?
  5. Rato65, Nice job on the Jayhawk. I also have to say thank you to Nibbylot. People sharing what they have learned only helps to get others to try their hand at improving this game. His efm gave me the motivation and now I am doing something similar with the Super Cobra. Long way to go before it is even close to your model. I can't tell from your pics, but I assume the blades are actually turning. It took me weeks of googling and experiments before I got them to rotate. Still have not found out how to get them to look blurry like the default helicopters.
  6. Anyone know how to replace an animated propeller with a blurred image file half way through the animation using Blender? animated bones.blend
  7. OK, I made a little progress. Installed VS on my Win10 gaming machine. Now the dll works on that computer. It does not work on two other win 10 machines that do not have VS instaled on them.
  8. Has anyone tried editing the AH-6 FM and created a new ah6.dll? I have done this on a win 7 machine and it works. If I use that same dll on win 10, it does not work. I used Visual Studio 2019 to create the dll.
  9. I know it is in a zip containing a lot of others, just don't know which zip?
  10. Hello, I can spawn and despawn a Sam unit using the F10 radio menu. Dcs only allows this to be done once. I would like to be able to use Moose so that this can be done repeatedly on a 24-hour server. I have no idea what code to use for this. Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. How do I prevent this. Not in any mission I have downloaded but in all mine.
  12. Or turn up the Density in the Weather section of mission editor. Made a big difference for me.
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