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  1. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the campaign and I consider it money well spent, and if that's the way the mission editor works, that's the way it works. I'm just saying that I think it would be reasonable to lay out the expectations fairly clearly to avoid player frustration. Consider the instructions: In the mission brief for that mission, the "Task:" line is empty and would be a great place to make clear what the goal is. "Disable SA-3 site" vs "Destroy SA-3 site and supporting vehicles" is a bit of a difference to my mind. Indeed, the fact that the brie
  2. OK, so going by your post above, though I think most folks would be fairly satisfied that with every SAM and radar destroyed as the image attached, the mission would be a success, but you want to count all the trucks as part of the percentage? This would seem to emphasis dropping on the trucks instead of the launchers, as they are closer together, and there are more of them, then picking off the launchers and radar with rockets and guns. It doesn't seem intuitive. To knock out a SAM site, the last thing I'm going to aim at are the trucks. (I only read the above post after flying th
  3. I'm wondering if there's been a change in the snake-eye performance of late. I'm on #5, Wild Weasel. I find that if I drop level at 450kts/100AGL as recommended on one site, I explode. I'm doing better (well, in terms of survival, not accuracy) at 250AGL. (The link also provides a reticle depression figure for 400kts/100AGL, but that's a definite no). I'd be willing to think it was just me, but when I give my wingman "cover me" and he actually does a bomb run on the SAM site himself, he, too, tends to explode dramatically due to being too close to the bombs, indicating a larger pr
  4. VKB Gunfighter for the Cyclic. It was purchased to replace a Saitek Cyborg X, which wasn’t cutting it in Steel Beasts (A tank sim), both have twist grips for rudder. The Cyborg comes with an inbuilt twin throttle, so I use it as the collective for now, reversed. (Push away to increase lift, in other words). I am quite happy with it.
  5. Speaking of 'completing missions', I seem utterly unable to complete the campaign. Every time I finish Sandman, shut it down, I get "Mission ended, winner is Blue"... But the campaign always shows as active, not complete, and I go back to the Sandman mission again. Am I missing something?
  6. I had that problem in Mission 10 for some reason. I couldn’t figure it out at all. Wasn’t engine temp gauge. Eventually just “got lucky” after a bunch of random explosions. Only happened on 10, 11 I had no issues. If I’m throwing criticism in, it would be a lack of “proofing”. For example, there’s one sling load mission which I kept failing repeatedly until I realized that part of the LZ was not flat. Every time the cargo auto detached, it flipped over and destroyed. There are a heck of a lot of spelling errors in the dialogue as it appears onscreen. I get that you aren’t English native
  7. It's the show-stopping bugs in stable which are... shall we say... stopping me. I have two campaigns both of which are bugged and cannot be completed in stable (UH-1 Argo, UH-1 Worlds Apart) and have been quickly patched in open. Quite how they managed to both manage to make it through the process I'm unsure (But I did note that the time between open and stable updates was very, very short that week) but that's the sort of thing which should be micropatched if necessary. I don't believe I've ever really encountered any other game which both community and company actively default to the 'op
  8. I've been playing almost nothing but the UH-1 for the last couple of months, I've a HOSAS setup. The right hand is the expensive, fancy VKB stick with lots of buttons and twist for rudder. The other is a Saitek Cyborg X. (They don't make mid-range joysticks like that any more, sadly). It has a split throttle inbuilt into the base, which means I can use it either as a throttle for a twin-jet or, in this case, I use it as the collective control. (Plus there are an extra ten buttons if I really, really need them, which I don't, generally speaking). What I wasn't expecting was that the throttle
  9. Ah. That would explain it. I'm running standard, not beta
  10. Well, "next week" has been and gone. Was there an update that I missed? I'm still perpetually stuck on 8 after yesterday (and the day before). Oh well, at least I'm getting practice in my precision landings.
  11. Related, possibly, today, running current stable. The Taxi/HMMWV did pick up Wolf 1, take him to the CP, and then return. However, once the man dismounted and walked back to the helo, that was it. Mission stuck. No instructions on what to do next, and wolf 1 sat there. Ended up skipping mission and moving to 3.
  12. I have to say, I'm starting to get a bit annoyed by the uncanny accuracy of a .50cal bobbing around in a small boat in rough seas. I'm becoming an expert in forming up with my partner and time compressing to the target zone, but I'm having very little success here. Best I've ever done is 30% damage on a speedboat. I've tried swerving attacks, diving attacks, pop-up attacks, hovering behind the ship and sideslipping to get an unmask. If I let the AI gunner do it, my gunner can't hit anything even if I try flying straight/level (with obvious results from the .50cal), or for whatever reason h
  13. OK, I completed 4 after the stable version update with lighting changes. I didn't have to play with the gamma or anything else, everything vanilla, with just enough visibilty to see the trees and valley sides. The spotlight is, still, pretty much useless, but happily, the target vehicle seems to have kept the headlights on so you can still find him after the prompt. And once the spotlight actually lit up a pylon in time for me to avoid it. (But I think I did lose some belly paint to a tree). You can just barely make out the effect of the spot from about 300-400 feet, but you don't need it to f
  14. This. I'm willing to wait a few days if there's a hotfix coming as intimated nearly two months ago, otherwise, how do I skip?
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