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  1. LOL! Well my friend, I'm not sure my mission is a good example of anything lol. It is a work in progress with no real mission assignments or structure yet. I've just been adding elements, working with them and testing until I get results close to what I want. I'm hardly an expert. Most of the work going forward is going to be cleaning up callsigns, start times, and maybe streamlining and taking out elements that are not vital. I still have some issues that I think are just inherent in the ME. For instance, you can get a group of helicopters to do what you want, run it a hundred times fl
  2. I have a mission in which ground troops spawned when some Chinooks landed in a zone(unit in zone, unit speed less than 1) to simulate dropping off troops since I was having a hell of a time getting disembark to work. Also, the enemy would launch an aerial illumination flare in the zone. All of a sudden about a wee ago, after many times running the mission, the landing helicopters no longer trigger the actions. Same issue maybe?
  3. No, you haven't made a mistake. I'm a recent adopter from P3D as well. I agree, getting AI to work properly when building missions is frustrating and time consuming. Lots of testing, fiddling and experimenting. I'm becoming better at it but it is AI after all and there is some randomness to the behavior in AI because....well...its AI. I actually have a pretty good mission going which is the retaking of the Oman Peninsula. The AI can for the most part fight a layered joint forces battle without intervention and then I just assume roles within the mission to support the battle. CAP, CAS SEAD
  4. So, I paid for this map in pre order to take advantage of the sale. I however run The stable DCS version, not open beta? Typically how long until a new module/terrain is out of beta? I know that some modules are released directly to the stable version and I did not see any indication when purchasing Syria that it would be released in open beta. Did I miss something? Can I expect this on all new terrains? Will Syria still install when it is out of beta without a new purchase?
  5. How about Helos on the Tarawa? They land but no refuel/rearm or departure.
  6. I had issues for awhile with helicopters also. This is what I didafter getting very helpful advice here: Under the group trigger tab (not a waypoint action) I put what I want, Attack Group, Search Zone etc. I find it is best not to give the AI much leeway so I almost always put Attack Group unless it is a follow on strike. Then under waypoint 0, put your ROE, RTB etc. Also, use switch waypoint under perform command at every waypoint to keep the AI on course all the way to the waypoint prior to engagement. Then, create a trigger zone that your AI will pass through on its route and abou
  7. First, thanks to those that have helped me so far in my quest to learn the Mission Editor. I'm plugging away, making some pretty cool things happen. So far I have a pretty good, progressive battle scenario going with AI forces doing movement to contacts, screen operations, passage of lines and ultimately a good battle to retake the Oman Peninsula. When I'm happy with it, I plan on creating supporting missions within the mission to fly. Again thanks, lots of positive help from all! Now for my latest conundrums; 1) Is there a way to create zones that my AI aircraft will not wander into? Th
  8. Appreciate the quick response and help. Guess I'll just keep experimenting and eventually get it figured out. I have about 20 pages of notes and scratch outs and revisions. Trying to put something together for the OH-58D as I was a scout in the Army 88-93. I've actually been so wrapped up in world building that I haven't flown in 3 weeks. FYI, I came over from decades of MSFS and P3D, flying tubes in the simulator. DCS is proving to be a much, much better community! Super helpful people, higher level of maturity. P3D peeps are fairly toxic, especially in the forums. The PMDG forum is full o
  9. Issues 1)Harriers takeoff from Tarawa runway hot. Flt of 4. First 2 always crash on take off. They do not do a STOL takeoff, rather they go to half flaps and nozzles to the rear like a regular takeoff. Also, they do not spawn in on any instruction other than take off from runway hot. 2)Deep into building a scenario, elements that were established as following routes, attacking desired targets as ordered, doing CAS etc, just suddenly break after several test runs through the mission. Like they just say "F" it, I'm not doing what you told me to anymore. 3)Cobras are about 50/50 on retur
  10. Probably a dumb question but....Flags! How the f@#$ do they work? More specifically, what is a flag? I see plenty of information on using them to trigger actions, etc. but can't seem to find out exactly what a flag is or what it represents in the context of the mission editor. Disregard. Just watched a couple YouTube vids. Got it.
  11. Is it possible to have the attack helicopters unmask from terrain, trees, buildings, and fire from a hover? Typically, at least in the Army, helicopters move NOE (nap of the earth) into firing position, pop up, fire and return to cover. So far, I have only been able to get them to attack targets like little slow airplanes that fly in from 1000 ft, fire then fly low over the enemy, take loads of enemy fire, fly out a few miles and repeat. On a moving attack run, they should fly in right on the deck, pop up a few hundred feet, fire and immediately break right or left and dive into masking
  12. That worked and I think I have it all ironed out on my end as well. Think I had conflicting waypoint instructions. Super appreciate the help!
  13. Didn't work for me. I'm not one to file bug reports as the problem usually lies between my chair and the keyboard.But something is definitely broken in my mission editor as the bombers that I've tested, B1, B52 and f-14, refuse to follow quantity of bomb and number of pass orders. Seems to be stuck on one or two bombs from the lead aircraft and continuous passes until Winchester or bingo.
  14. I moved the IP and got a bomb run as planned during tests so that is squared away. It seems however that my instructions for quantity or the mission editor itself may be broken. If you look at the screen shot in my OP, you can see I have it set to drop ALL in 1 pass. It never works, even with different AC types. What am I missing?
  15. Nice, that helps with the flight path but I still have the problem of only one bomb being released instead of the whole payload. Any thoughts?
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