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  1. Yeah, you have to reset that piece of... gyros before. But if you can do a fix in some cloud opening, then you are able to deliver goods with an acceptable amount of collateral damage even in the soup.
  2. You are on point. I would rather have well-polished, well done 2000C than 2000-5 with a lot less realism due to sensitive information. And i think that 2000C will get some buddies to play along with - there will be MiG-23MLA and full MiG-29A at some point also. So there will be, along with MiG-21, some more red jets that are in the same time bracket. Since dynamic campaign is being worked on, that can also help. But even the weather update changed a lot. Suddenly dropping bombs on INS waypoints is very useful in IFR, feature that wasn't so much prominent before.
  3. DCS is a great sim, and you are getting good, solid airframe simulation out of it. However, and this is where it fails, planes by capability and design are fulfilling the role in doctrine. That doctrine is not modelled right now, so many planes are used outside of their original purpouse. I have to stress it though, it is MP we are talking about, SP missions can be tailored to airframe capabilities. But I keep my hopes up for dynamic campaign in the servers. Right now we have kill-counting score fest. That is fun and we all know there are good servers, with nice missions and setting. In d
  4. If I could buy 2000-5, of course I would, because I love Mirage planes. F1 is on my list as well. But I think I know why C can be sometimes a bit frustrating at the first glance. DCS, as a simulation, fails in some aspects to recreate the bigger picture. Yes, 2000C lacks in A2G, but in reality SEPECAT Jaguar would do the heavy lifting in ground pounding, 2000C would be cover and support to a degree. But we don't have Jags... Radar is not that flashy, but the GCI would do vectoring to intercept, putting 2000's in best position to attack. Same as MiG-19's and 21's in that respect. We don't have
  5. There was no direct help, but studies of the FW-190 contributed to Ki-100 developement. Japanese were not so kin on the airframe itself (other than being a yardstick for their own project), but they studied closely engine mounting solutions. They also didn't had intention of simply making a copy of that piece, they just examined it and used as a reference to save their time on researching something, that was potentially already solved. Also, they did a lot of cross-referencing their own designs with other nations, and that practice was established well in the mid-war, so it was just fitting in
  6. Well, good I reserved some cash for F1 and MB-339A. Otherwise... I mean food is overrated anyway, who needs that. I will call that "Mirage diet - kilograms disappearing like a mirage."
  7. Fairey Gannet

    M-2000C WIP

    Great! I love Mirage, and I am very happy to see it being developed and refined. It is great, that she is still being pushed to be as close to original Baguette, as we can get.
  8. Fast alignment was a nice option to have in multiplayer, that is for sure. But I actually didn't used it anyway too much - in nice weather I used low accuracy alignment, and it worked for me in VFR. I like to go all the steps anyway, as real pilot would. I like Mirage, it fits me, and I don't mind waiting those few minutes.
  9. Well, I also love MiG-29. Slick, sexy beast. And I would also like to see it as high fidelity module, the sooner the better. I know MiG-29A is planned, and maybe it is even in some developement as we speak. But this FC3 MiG-29 is not bad either! You get professional flight model, and that is quite challenging. Weapons and sensors are working as they should, even if the inner workings are simplified. And you get S version, that can't be high-fi, because it was (and is) used by Russian Federation, and you are not allowed to gather data on that. MiG-29A we will get will be probably 9.12A version
  10. That is good question, but honestly I would say this - choose an airplane, that you like, and you know you will use. In whatever manner, but to get your money back in your enjoyment and knowledge. There are series of plane overviews on YouTube, so you can get some info about specific modules. Now, to be more precise I will tell you about my modules that fits your warbird-to-jet progression. I invested in trainers (L-39, C-101), and I am having blast with them. They can do some fighting, but I have much fun learning systems and general aviation. They are also forgiving planes. That
  11. Ah yes, C-101 is really top notch and I use it with great pleasure. There is no single switch or function that was left out. Even if simple, comparing to 4th gen fighters, I think it is actually most in-depth module in DCS. Aviodev really pushed bar with that one, and their Mirage F-1 is no brainer for me because of that. And 101 is quite capable light attack, with really nice range of munitions. Setting up night attack with illumination rockets is challenging, but really fun. But what I really, really like in this thing is nav equipement. You have everything, from ADF to GPS. I started to dep
  12. No problem, friend. I was dead scared when I was trying to get into DCS myself. Head tracking is a must. Luckily, it's not very expensive, and later on you can buy VR set or experiment with better trackers. But if you want to spot targets, keep an eye on enemy while dogfight, pay attention to gauges and MFD's, search switch to flip... Hat switch or numpad just doesn't give you reaction you need, and you have to let go either stick or throttle just to take a quick look, or you have to sacrifice hat switch. And usually it is better to use it as a trim hat. It takes some time to get
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