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  1. gunzo against an A10? lol Just do the energy fight.
  2. I'm kind of dissapointed that a beta tester prefers things being "fair" rather than most realistic. If you DO NOT KNOW whether the "other aircraft" has the ability to counter problems or not then it will not be simulated. Simple... Well IMO it is a better option THAN to "unrealistically tweak" things to make it "fair". If you are interested in a realistic sim of course and not an arcade game... :icon_roll I personally like to fly all the a/c in the game and I only want "realism" not fairness... I prefer to use for example a Mig 29S which is realistic with its problems vs an F15 and THINK
  3. Gryzor is right, and his track clearly shows it... No need to ask further questions GG, just watch the track. ;) I only rarely fly the F15 and I didn't notice this with Russian planes before. And someone locked me with F15 today when I was hiding in the mountains and no matter what I did, I couldn't see him on my radar. So I'm assuming this bug is present only for F-15's... It surely is the worst bug ever though. (Much worse than the bug which when you use HOJ, the Russian planes get a lock & launch warning and other bugs IMO) It is a must fix for 1.2. :/
  4. With a ffb joystick, you will always know which side to trim after you disengage the autopilot because the stick will be pulled towards the opposite direction when you get out of autopilot.
  5. I've had many flights where the bandit ran behind a mountain to lose the lock and indeed it lost the lock... I never saw this bug either...
  6. You can always make small adjustments by pressing the alt ~ keys... Use alt 1 to hold your attitude, then press alt ~ (press and hold)to make small adjustments and let go alt ~ when you are happy.
  7. Sorry maybe I couldn't explain this well. What I'm trying to say is (correct me if I am wrong) trimming does not happen while the stick is at its natural center position at all times right? As far as I knew trimming simply "eases out" the force applied.
  8. I think you are missing my point. What I am trying to say is, the stick MOVES in the direction of trimming (in real life) correct? Thinking about the previous example I have written, the only way to model trimming for non-ffb joysticks is this: You go at say 500 km/h in level flight and the stick is centered You reduce the speed to say 350 km/h and you need to pull back and hold the stick not to lose altitude and fly level. (AoA will increase) Then you trim the aircraft, now, if you have a non-ffb joystick you need to slowly "return" the joystick to the center again so that you can fly
  9. The way I knew it in real life was like this: You go at say 500 km/h in level flight and the stick is centered You reduce the speed to say 350 km/h and you need to pull back and hold the stick not to lose altitude and fly level. (AoA will increase) In order to "ease" the force you are applying you trim the aircraft. If you trim perfectly, when you take your hands off, the stick will remain at that position (remember you pulled it and held it there) and the aircraft will fly level. In order to achieve this the stick of course needs to move in slow bits when you are trimming. Am I w
  10. I have a weird trimming problem which happens in multiplayer only and I'm clueless as to why this problem does not take place in single player but only in multi. :confused: As you know, when you trim in this game, the center point of the joystick is altered if you do not have ffb joysticks... When you have a ffb joystick, trimming actually "moves" the stick to the direction of trimming and thus easing out the force applied to the stick... Correct me if I'm wrong please but as far as I know, this is the realistic way isn't it? I mean I know that most of you would say ffb joysticks are un
  11. If the stuttering is at the extent of the above gif picture then isn't it realistic? :D
  12. Hi all, Grey Wolves 192nd Squadron's new website is up... It has a huge download section but some part of the downloads section is not finished yet but it will be as soon as files are uploaded. You can check the new site at: http://www.grey-wolves.net
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