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  1. Also there is Bunyaps Red Flag campaign that seems to be really great. I bought it a few weeks ago but decided to become at least halfway competent so as not to ruin a great campaign through my own failings. The module itself has got the usual lessons und missions of which there could be more. I guess ED will supply more missions further into EA. There is no campaign bundled, but tbh there is so much to do and learn that I don't think that's a problem.
  2. This. The flight model may not be completely finished and competitive in BFM against F-18 et al., but for me it is quite a joy to fly. I recommend taking it slow with learning to fly this bird. I learn it step by step, getting landings really right, getting to know the FLCS and so on. I find this takes enough time. I'm happy with CCIP, becoming satisfactory competent using the radar and just racing the viper through obstacle courses. But of course ymmv.
  3. Surely that’s better than having no fans to disappoint. As a musician I like my audience. Disappointment simply is a compliment in a different form.
  4. Good morning. Well, over here it’s midday already. Hopefully 2.7 will be released before it’s getting tomorrow in Europe.
  5. Archduke


    Alternatively you could use Joystick Gremlin to make WH 3-position switches send a different buttonpress on each position instead of the middle(?) position as OFF. My WH became only really useful after I figured out how to do that.
  6. Well, I found the culprit. The Tempo function of Joystick Gremlin sends only a very short pulse on short press - too short for DCS to register it reliably as button press it seems, at least as a press on the simulated stick in the cockpit. OSBs don't seem to be a problem. However I was able to circumvent the problem by creating macros with a very short pause between the the button press and release. So once again Joystick Gremlin saves my day... @BIGNEWY Maybe this thread could be sent to the Input and Output-Forum. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I just fired up my old Joystick Gremlin profile without long button presses and everything worked flawless. At least its not a hardware problem. I guess I will have to tinker with the Gremlin. The ability to set range, scan width and height and other stuff is just too nice. Well, there goes my afternoon.
  8. Disclaimer: This may very well be an user error. However I can't see how... TMWH user here. Since yesterday I can't get the SCS switch to work reliably. Sometimes it takes only one press to switch soi left / right, sometimes I need 4-5 tries. I have the SCS switch mapped to the physical TMS switch. It worked fine before, not only switching soi but also e.g. switching to az/el on the second left press in a/a and so on. The only thing I've changed is that I've created in Joystick Gremlin long and short button mappings for a/a radar use. This works as advertised on the DMS
  9. Just wanted to say thank you for VSPX. As a non-native speaker Windows Speech Recognition had me almost despairing, I couldn’t get it to understand even the simplest words. Trying VSPX was my last resort before giving up and completely uninstalling VA. And lo and behold — it’s working fabulously! So, thanks! No more trying again and again to get wingman to engage my target.
  10. Sorry, I haven't touched the Hornet for some time. Just realized that there are quite a few missions right there under "Missions", additionally to the training missions. Seems I've missed these - I'm feeling a little bit embarrassed now. Guess I'll first see what's in there before I come asking you for more missions. But again - thanks for your training for the F-15! They really help getting a little bit more proficient.
  11. These missions are really great! Thanks for making them! I would really love to see equally well made training missions for the hornet. You wouldn’t think about that?
  12. Just wow. Thanks for this early Christmas treat! Since I’m sure the systems will be equally top notch I for one will wait patiently, no matter how long it takes. Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch!
  13. Oooooh yes, a 80s Germany map! Please! I would get to accidentally drop some Mark84s on my High School. But to be honest I doubt it would be feasible with a level of accuracy comparable to the other maps. Germany is (and was in the 80s) an extremely urbanised country. If this were to be modelled with any accuracy at all it would be an enormous undertaking.
  14. Thanks! Well, that’s hardly surprising. Would’ve been nice but not really important, the slew mod is still great. Strange design choice though by MD not using the index finger. However if you ever get around to finding a solution eg with a smaller sensor I’ll be your first customer.
  15. Just one (maybe) silly question: would it be possible to physically switch the POV-hat and the slew control? Do the dimensions fit? This would be the ultimate cherry on top of this awesome mod. :thumbup:
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