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  1. This may help others to troubleshoot.... My DCS was working flawlessly and never experienced any crash at all, until...... On the most recent sale I purchased the F18C and Supercarrier. It was then only after install did I experience these unusual Crashes. I believe that since I changed nothing that somewhere within the install of these two modules that something went awry.
  2. Thank You for responding. Not much content for the Huey, was hoping I could generate something with a WW2 setting.
  3. Hello Everyone!! I just recently came across this fine addition, haven't installed as I am just now watching some videos to understand how it works. Rather than going thru all of these pages, can anyone tell me if this will generate missions for the Huey? Haven't seen much other than a post that was unanswered. Thanks in advance to anyone who chooses to respond.
  4. Switched over the Open Beta, Got in and had a great time. There were a few on with me. I'm sure it's possible I just don't know how,, but to speak to others flying out there would be fun. Hopefully now that I can in to mulitiplayer as my flying the Huey has gotten much better, I hope to find to some other servers that are Huey and Newbie Friendly.
  5. I'm a newbie and am unsure to find the server, I did get to the multiplayer area, see a list of servers, searched for it and received no matches, can someone be so kind to explain how I can join and/or find it?
  6. Yes, Nothing was there for this particular stick and throttle
  7. Anyone have a T16000M Profile for the P51 that is willing to share?
  8. Thanks all for responding, I was leaning towards the P51 due to it being around longer than the P47, have tons of hours with various planes in Xplane11, moved to DCS because of Missions. Enjoy the Huey very much and am now moving towards the Warbirds. Thanks again all!
  9. Hello All!!! For those that have both the P51 and P47 which would you say is easier to begin with in regards to the Warbirds. I am bit undecided and would appreciate some opinions. Thanks Much to all who take a moment to respond
  10. I'm sorry, I thought I replied with a Thank You, but it didn't post.. so THANK YOU for answering my question. Much appreciated!
  11. Please excuse if this seems strange but I'm quite new here and would like to know about the throttle. I have a t160000 Joystick and Throttle and Rudder pedal setup. To work the throttle correctly do I assign my Throttle to the "Thrust" option under Axis? Will this adjust my speed correctly. I see an option for Speed Increase/Decrease so I'm just not sure. Or is Thrust only for Afterburner? I guess I'm simply asking how I appropriately assign my throttle to control speed. Thanks Much. Yes I know I should probably start with something easier but I started DCS with the Huey and
  12. This Post was a Hilarious read!!! :thumbup: I been having an issue when releasing cargo, I get the prompt to release, do the unhook and everytime says it's damaged. I'm on 2.5.5. No matter how careful and sure it says the cargo was destroyed. Then the UH-60 decides it's funny to try to ram me.. he hasn't succeeded yet.
  13. By the way... Can you give your opinion on the transition from the Huey to this model? I'm doing rather well with the Huey and enjoy it, but I just want to have some options. I do have the K50 but haven't really spent much time with it. I'm told the MI8 is a real blast and has great Campaigns. I haven't tried any multiplayer as I'm still learning and not sure of the patience there when Online.
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