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  1. @5ephir0th I've reported the same issue when 2.7 was released. I can't see neither activate mask over SteamVR but it works normally over Oculus API. I want to run it through Steam VR because VRnecksafer doesn't work over Oculus API. I've noticed a slight better performance with Oculus/mask on, having some less stutters on high demanda scenes.
  2. Can you point those labels settings? Thanks
  3. @BIGNEWY, Please don't forget that mask is not showing whith Oculus headsets when starting through SteamVR! Thanks
  4. @BIGNEWYI've made the cleanup and repair procedure. Now I see the mask but only when starting the game without steam vr. When I start it through steam vr (as I want to), there is no any mask.
  5. Thanks, will try repair and clean and report back, since i'm no running mods. Thanks for the quick answer!
  6. @BIGNEWYAny clues on mask not working for everyone by default? I run a Rift S through SteamVR. Great update by the way, really big step forward!! Thanks
  7. I'm not seeing any mask neither and wishing to enable it. Just Reporting.
  8. Just reporting, I´m not seeing any mask, but wish to enable it. Any clues?
  9. Hello, I have made a couple of test flights and noticed a severe stuttering only when there are clouds on scene. All was working much fluid previous from the update. Specs R9 5900x EVGA RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra 32 Gb 3200Mhz Asrock X570 Taichi Oculus Rift S running over Steam VR.
  10. It only works on Steam versión? I cannot make it work on standalone.
  11. Just bought M2000 yesterday and when tested it noticed that cockpit lightning only renders on my right eye, which makes imposible to use them. I'm using Oculus Rift S. Regards
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