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  1. Hi all I recently installed DCS world standalone. Part of the install transferred/copied many of the files from the steam version in the process. Im actually impressed how easy it all was. As SSD nearly full, can i delete the steam version without it affecting the newly installed version(i have a pit and many screens i dont want to have to spend weeks setting up again)? If I can delete, how? Thanks all.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I believe i have "gone offline" correctly via steam, in the top left corner(see attached photo). Is this what you meant? I still get the same result when i try to start DCS via Steam or the stand alone DCS icon. It initially says error code and "steam authorisation failed." (photo attached). Then shortly after i get the next one; "Authorisation failed," with the list of all the aircraft valid for 3 days(photo attached). Prior to latest update i had never had these errors, it just started, and if i didnt go online for several weeks or even months i never had
  3. Thanks draconus. do you know why ive recently started getting the "authorization failed" message everytime i start up offline? If i dont go online every 3 days then everything ive purchased is inaccessible :(
  4. Thanks Breakker. I just figured it out 10 minutes ago! I feel so stupid. Id been playing around with the contrast on the night missions at start up. Thanks
  5. Have been successfully flying Heatblur tomcat since lockdowns here in April. As of a few weeks ago, I have to go online every 3 days otherwise my purchases disappear. My internet not sufficiently fast enough for multiplayer so i always play single player offline. Everytime there is an update, i spend so much time having to repair all my settings etc. So i try and stay offline. However now it is requiring authorisation every three days, and every now and then it will update when i dont want that. I was happily playing for months but now its really pissing me off. Any help is
  6. Im new to ED forums. Be gentle. Ive been flying the Heatblur F14 since lockdown commenced. Im addicted. I have been successfully using the lantirn pilot mod regularly for several months. As of last week, and tonight, I get the lantirn working, however there is no picture. All the coordinates, SRA etc show on the screen. Just no picture. Am i missing something? Anyone else suddenly having this issue? Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks very much. Will take a look ASAP. Much appreciated.
  8. Apologies for the new guy question. there may already be an answer somewhere that I just couldn't find. Going from the BMS F16(Is that taboo to mention on this site??) to the DCS F14, is obviously a significant step back in many ways in technological advancement. Dont get me wrong, I love both. :thumbup: However, for the life of me, I cant find anywhere that would help me to get overhead waypoints accurately. Other than calculating manually via GS, time and miles to run, is there any other method in the cockpit to show you current ETA with current GS? Thanks in advance.
  9. As part of my after takeoff cycle, i retract the gear and extend the nose wheel, autopilot on. so if there is a bug, i never see it. i programmed a switch in my pit to kneel and extend.
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