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  1. looks damn fine will update my textures after you drop it
  2. looks great and yes that is the same ship before its modern upgrade as in the first link you can see the smaller more modern gun on it
  3. I would send a donation to admiral for that model linked by saguanay
  4. the only thing I noticed is the 50 cal machine guns are not textured or look like a crazy camo on the Montreal. Also what are your rules on releasing textures? Thanks for your hard work
  5. it sorta is a dirty version of it will see what i can do
  6. played with your textures abit hope you don't mind here is the Halifax old green deck newer black deck
  7. I did the same thing with the yellow for the Halifax see the textures for the 50's are mapped somewhere yellow but the model is great in game thanks for all your work.
  8. Montreal looks great will be adding it in tonight thanks for your effort and time put into her.
  9. Hey GreyGamer first post of the first page has all the links for Admiral189's work
  10. Hey Everyone, I have been once a season getting kicked out of dcs to the wmr home and unable to switch back (dont know how) so I end up going in task manager and shutting DCS down and restarting it. if I tab I can see the dcs vr window but its very slow. any ideas how to switch back in to DCS or ideas how to fix this Thanks
  11. hey nice to see the Montreal in your video
  12. thanks very much the exc vat was confusing me below it
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