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  1. Happens fairly often and seemingly completely at random. Either with HPTP or without.
  2. When using dual AWACS, the AWACS keybinds only seem to work for the first AWACS on the comms list, no matter what comms channel you are actually on. Is there a way to change that so that the keybind will make the request on the actual selected channel and not to a specific AWACS? Voice Attack does this, so it's possible.
  3. What you are not showing on your screenshots is DL tracks or threat rings with type numbers. Those are faint and the altitude/numbers difficult to read. The TGP isn't an issue because the adjustments on it have enough range to compensate for the different lighting conditions. 1.6 gamma is not exceedingly low. I have used 1.5 or 1.4 for the entirety of my DCS experience and never had an issue until 2.7 with the new cloud shadows during mid day times. We all have different visual preferences for eye comfort or spotting/reading small details. It changed in 2.7. The H
  4. This was somewhat reported in the weapons bug area for 2.7, it is happening very frequently. If the 120 launched from the wingtip needs to make any course correction on launch that is parallel the the plane of the wings, especially inwards, it will almost always at least damage, if not destroy, the wing it was launched from. I do not have the ability to post a track file right now, but this is happening so frequently, I am hoping others chime in.
  5. The contrast is set to max as well. Does not seem to help. I am fairly surprised this isn't a more commonly reported problem. Every single one of our F-16 members has it. Especially the VR folks.
  6. They are at maximum brightness. This only occurs with the new cloud settings and only mid day since the patch.
  7. I have changed nothing since the 2.7 patch and had no issues at any time of day prior to this. Again, all of my group are having the same issues and we are a mix of hardware, VR/Track IR and settings. It's based entirely on time of day. I realize my gamma is low, but every other aspect of the sim looks great and this was the setting I found helps the most with visually finding other aircraft. I have to turn the gamma above 2 in order to read the MFD, which makes everything else in the game look overly bright and washed out. Settings: 7AM local tim
  8. With the new cloud shading, there are certain conditions and times of day (Especially mid day) where the MFDs are extremely dim even at max brightness. Our entire group is experiencing this issue (F-18 and F-14 screens as well). When starting in the early morning, you seem to have more brightness control on the MFDs and the issue doesn't wash them out as much. Gamma can be turned up to help, but that does seems a poor fix for something that appears to be directly tied to the new clouds and how they affect in cockpit shading. Is anyone else experiencing this
  9. It has been repeatedly said that it is NOT a TGP slew and designate issue, it is the HUD CCRP indications and SPI markers not being synced to the TGP that are the problem. This interferes with weapons employment. You keep coming in here and claiming the problem can't be reproduced when you are not even addressing the reported problem. You have received multiple examples of an extremely prevalent and easily reproduced problem and each time, you refuse to test the actual issue and just repeat that the TGP is working as intended. It's been two months now that the F-16 CCRP and now MAV PRE m
  10. Every time in MP. This has been happening for a while. There is no point in repairing as it will be bugged every time.
  11. From what I can tell, they inverted the X and Y axis and left the Z axis. The selections in the controls still don't change anything.
  12. This is still an issue. The performance is utterly random. You can CZ and SP and occasionally the CCRP line will follow the SP mode to the center of the HUD and then follow how you slew the pod. MOST of the time, the CCRP queues stay locked on the steerpoint and WILL NOT MOVE no matter how many times you CZ and then SP. Then, completely randomly, the CCRP line will unlock from the steerpoint and move to the center of the HUD again when you enter SP mode. It might then work 1 time and then break again. It might work for 2-3 minutes every time, then break again. I have flown in a straig
  13. External view control changed in this patch. Marking the Invert Axis for Mouse X, Y and Z does not reverse the behavior as it used to. Camera Horizontal Camera Vertical Camera Zoom
  14. It's inconsistent. Sometimes it works exactly as expected and you can move the hud cursor and the tgp moves with it. Other times, hud cursor doesn't move. Others, you can move both, but they aren't slaved. I did it over and over again with the exact same steps and got different behavior, seemingly at random. There should be some method to target within the hud fov, like the old boresight. The current SP, being fixed a specific distance, no matter the roll or pitch of the jet, is virtually useless unless you align your nose, set it, then slew the pod upwards. That's needlessly cumbers
  15. It's not just the altitude numbers on the FCR, it's also the elevation indicator and while it wasn't many tests, the tests done showed no indication that elevation or depression were happening. Targets outside the listed altitudes on the FCR marker were not detected no matter how the settings were manipulated.
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