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  1. Since sling loading received an update recently,…does the Oilfield campaign work now?
  2. Well, according to user sLYFA, in another thread related to this issue, the way the AP and trim interact in the Hind is different than in the Mi-8: I tried turning of the AP entirely and indeed the trim gets more stable/ predicatable. I'm still not sure why Mil decided to implement it differently in the Hind and the Mi-8. Nevertheless,...I feel the Hind is better managable now with the updated trim system. Especcially combined with the default trimmer setting in the Special menu. If it feels true to life?...I can't say
  3. I just tried this and it works exactly as you said. Unfortunately flying without at least roll and pitch AP channels activated is even more unstable. I guess I need to train my muscle memory more in order to control the Hind like the Mi-8
  4. Thanks for your response.. Is this a difference between the two helicopters in real life as well or just in sim? So if I leave the AP channels off the trim would keep attitude without changing attitude? I will need to try this out.
  5. Anybody notice an improvement since yesterdays update? Personally I noticed a change in trim behaviour. The nose down pitch change that occured after pushing the trim button seems to be gone or decreased. But now I noticed a small bank to the right instead. Overall it feels like a small improvement but trim operation in the Hind is still not as precise as in the Mi-8.
  6. I feel you.........at least partially. I like the Hind as an attack helicopter but flying the Mi-8 feels much more gratifying. I can perform very precise (aerobatic) maneuvers in the Mi-8 and the Huey that feel impossible in the Hind. I believe the fact that the trim is not working properly is my biggest problem here. Whenever I want to maintain a certain attitude I push the trim button. - The Mi-8 maintains that attitude perfectly (with roll/pitch channel activated) - The Hind still goes slightly nose down or slightly right bank (with both roll and pitch channels activated) Do you notice any improvement in handling/ trim since yesterdays update?
  7. Yes!...these look great!...thanks for pointing them out. As soon as I saw them I put them on my desktop
  8. Hi, I just pre-ordered the Apache….but now I have nothing to show for it…probably for another couple of months. It would be really nice if customers that pre-ordered the Apache could already choose an official Apache wallpaper…some nice eye candy of things to come welcoming me every time I start DCS
  9. I know the developers are aware of this issue but I really hope this trim bug is fixed soon with some priority. Trim is a basic function in this helicopter that needs to work properly. I have seen it mentioned several times in different threads. This problem is making precise maneuvering very frustrating. The sudden nose down respons after trimming has caused me to crash already several times while trying to hover or taxi at low altitude. I’m confident the bug will be addressed but I hope that it will have some priority because it’s taking away from the fun of flying.
  10. +1 Thanks for raising this Jonsky7!
  11. Thanks for your reply… In VA you assign push to talk buttons for each radio. Vaicom then automatically assigns them to the relevant radios in your aircraft. The default communication menu is not working indeed. I just noticed though that the R-863 is not represented in the VAICOM configuration screen. That JADRO, R-828 and R-852 are available but the R-863 is missing. z Am I seeing this correctly? Maybe that’s due to the fact that the Hind is not yet supported officially and hopefully we can expect an update soon.
  12. There are some really good static templates available in the user files: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/filter/type-is-static_template/apply/ Especially the airbase templates for Caucasus from Rudel-Chw will save you a lot of time. He created templates for all airports for blue and red coalitions.
  13. Yep!..same issue here. Exactly as described above by Eagle_01
  14. Amazing!!!...I loved it! Thanks for proving it’s possible in the Hip...and more! Now I need to find a volunteer soldier and start practicing. Thanks again!
  15. Nice find!...he even remains on the ground with his front wheel. Very impressive!
  16. Thanks guys...I will see if I can find some more info on the “Funnel” maneuver...and I guess I need some more practice but good to know it’s possible.
  17. Hi, I have a couple of questions about an aerobatic maneuver in the video below. The maneuver starts at 1.56 min and again at 3.20: 1. Doe anyone know the name of this maneuver? 2. Is it possible do it in any DCS helicopter but specifically in the Mi-8? I have tried to replicate it in DCS but I can’t sustain it for very long. I seem to come short on anti torque to keep the nose pointed towards the middle. Thanks!
  18. https://youtu.be/PkXwRaNB13w Работа Ми-24 «Крокодил» в Сирии/Mi-24 "Crocodile" operation in Syria
  19. I can’t recommend this channel enough....Just like you a wanted to learn the MI-8 to prepare myself for the Hind. The YouTube tutorials made by vsTerminus are amazing and teaches you almost everything you need to know.
  20. I assume you like the mod better then the default sounds. What in your opinion is better then the default sounds?
  21. Okay!...I will test this out right away... Did something change here with the latest update? UPDATE: Unchecking the Fullscreen option indeed solves the issue. Issue SOLVED!
  22. Youtuber Philstyle encountered this issue as well during his livestream:
  23. Hi, It appears that the ns430 is missing elevation data for the Syria map. I don’t see terrain indications on the Nav-Terrain page. Or am I doing something wrong? regards,
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