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  1. Amazing!!!...I loved it! Thanks for proving it’s possible in the Hip...and more! Now I need to find a volunteer soldier and start practicing. Thanks again!
  2. Nice find!...he even remains on the ground with his front wheel. Very impressive!
  3. Thanks guys...I will see if I can find some more info on the “Funnel” maneuver...and I guess I need some more practice but good to know it’s possible.
  4. Hi, I have a couple of questions about an aerobatic maneuver in the video below. The maneuver starts at 1.56 min and again at 3.20: 1. Doe anyone know the name of this maneuver? 2. Is it possible do it in any DCS helicopter but specifically in the Mi-8? I have tried to replicate it in DCS but I can’t sustain it for very long. I seem to come short on anti torque to keep the nose pointed towards the middle. Thanks!
  5. https://youtu.be/PkXwRaNB13w Работа Ми-24 «Крокодил» в Сирии/Mi-24 "Crocodile" operation in Syria
  6. I can’t recommend this channel enough....Just like you a wanted to learn the MI-8 to prepare myself for the Hind. The YouTube tutorials made by vsTerminus are amazing and teaches you almost everything you need to know.
  7. I assume you like the mod better then the default sounds. What in your opinion is better then the default sounds?
  8. Okay!...I will test this out right away... Did something change here with the latest update? UPDATE: Unchecking the Fullscreen option indeed solves the issue. Issue SOLVED!
  9. Youtuber Philstyle encountered this issue as well during his livestream:
  10. Hi, It appears that the ns430 is missing elevation data for the Syria map. I don’t see terrain indications on the Nav-Terrain page. Or am I doing something wrong? regards,
  11. Hi, I hope you can help me with this issue. Since installing the 2.7 update I noticed that DCS minimizes automatically whenever I click on my second monitor. This didn’t happen before. Is there a fix? Thanks for your help!
  12. I believe the Dropbox folders that are linked on the first page are active again!
  13. Nevermind!...I solved it now by creating a Mouse macro custom command to click the correct pane-switcher button when I give a specific command. Cool stuff!
  14. Hi, I have a quick question. Is there an option in Helios to assign a keyboard shortcuts to call up a specific panel? I am currently using Capt. Zeens Mi-8 profile on a touchscreen monitor and I need to switch between the different sub-panels. I want to use a keyboard shortcut to link to a voice command in Voice Attack. So f.e. when I say “Engines” Helios switches to the Engines panel. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, I bought and installed Voice Attack and Vaicom Pro yesterday. Initial installation and setup all seem to have gone well. Everything works as advertised and I'm quit happy. I only keep getting a VAICOM PRO 2.5 message which prompts me to update the plugin to version with a Hotfix for VSPX. I have done this now 5 times or so but the message keeps popping up. In VoiceAttack I can see that is is downloading and installing a package and that the plugin is initialized. Then I can restart Voice Attack and everything is working. But the next time I run VA I get the message again.
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