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  1. Hi guys, It would be nice if we could have keybindings to switch between preset radio channels (wasn't able to find them in the control settings). Some missions require us to rapidly switch between channels (Main mission freq / Wingman freq / Package freq / AWACS ...) so having them mapped on the keyboard / controller instead of having to use the mouse would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work !
  2. Hi everyone, I have a similar problem on this mission: After reaching waypoint 2 and ordering other Vulture flights to break formation and rejoin stations, the Banshee 3 "2nd element" 2 ship flight (the one responsible for dropping flares) goes all the way back to Nellis and then comes back in the AO (if you wait long enough) to finally drop flares right at the end of vul time when you are asked to RTB ;-). I looked at the F10 map view with "Show all routes" option enabled and after takeoff, they turn to directly join up with the rest of the package and thus skip their first wayp
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