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  1. It does look more like that in VR, I imagine it's a limitation of the 2D rendering
  2. Here's my settings, F16 MFD test & CMS panels are still blurry as an example
  3. Still blurry text unfortunately, I don't know why mine seems to be so different from everyone elses
  4. I've had my quest 2 for a few days, I seem to have tried every combination of settings and tools I can find online. No matter what I do, I can't make out text on MFDs properly, and it has a bit of a stutter. This kind of tech problem is awkward to sort over text imo, so I'm after someone who wouldn't mind taking half an hour to go through this with me in discord or something. I'm running a i5-9600k 5.0GHz, RTX 3090, 32Gb RAM, so I'm not lacking in power. I never seem to get notifications here, but I'm Caster#0992 on discord. Cheers in advance Various things I've tried, doing my bes
  5. What are your VR settings in DCS? 1.0 pixel density?
  6. Appears there's a workaround, turn on ground power first, then battery and radios
  7. Sounds to me like the axis for the scroll wheel has bound itself to something that is conflicting with your mouse input. Might be worth checking if it even can be bound in the axis as I'm not actually sure
  8. I know you get this one all the time but... starting up on mission one, I can't hear the instructor on radio. Easy comms disabled, game volume is fine. Battery on, Red to Marche, Green to FF, both channel one. Radio volume dials are turned up, freq panel displays 139.90 and 249.00. I'm 90% sure I've not been an idiot, am I missing something?
  9. I can HIGHLY recommend Tactical DCS, we're a pretty big group (mostly EU), and it's all focused around being welcoming helping people out. We've also got a dedicated F18 squadron and mentors, so there's some really knowledgable people about
  10. I see you've not crossed paths before...
  11. Huh guess I was being blind. Trust a programmer to overcomplicated things :P
  12. If you're like me and keep DCS on a different drive to your saved games (where the mission editor file explorer opens) you might not be able to navigate to where the campaign missions are kept. You can create a symlink to work around this. (also worth making a copy of the original if you're going to be editing built in missions so you don't break anything)
  13. Having popped off the base plate, it all looks fine (I'm not electrician) and the connection to the connector seems secure, not hopeful on avoiding the RMA
  14. Posting this while waiting on virpil support to see if there's a DIY fix so I can avoid an RMA :D Got a new MongoosT-50CM2 a few weeks back, and have been having issues with a very tempermental connection to the the base. A replacement USB cable hasn't fixed the issue, so I'm assuming it's the USB port on the base itself. Sometimes it works fine, but if the cable is moved it can lose connection. Anyone had experience with this?
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