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  1. I definitely saw someone (nineline or bignewy?) post that there are changes coming to how client slots work, can't find it now though....
  2. It's so thin that I hadn't even realised it was there until I saw this post! It definitely would make it a lot easier to see the range indication if it were thicker
  3. You might find this interesting, it could just be a case of pulling more G than you expect in the spit. I would imagine the actualy g-tolerance of the airframe is modelled realistically
  4. FWIW I don't think the R-27ET counts as a fox 3, since it's IR guided it would count as a fox 2. On the other hand I don't think the russians use that classification system anyway. In regards to BVR combat it performs similarly to a hornet with 80s ordinance, although with a lower range. I don't really regard the fox 1s in DCS to be BVR weapons due to their effective envelope being so limited. Wikipedia states an R-27ER to have a range of 70Nm, which definitely is not the case in game, although I'm not in a position to say which is more accurate
  5. It wouldn't surprise me if it's part of how the classification works in regards to SAM interception of munitions. Missles can be intercepted by SA-15s for example, whereas bombs cannot.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if this was already being worked one, as EOM has just been implemented in the F-16C
  7. You'll need to attach a .trk file so that someone can view it and potentially reproduce the problem. This tells you what you need
  8. DCS should generate a .trk file you can attach, so that they can properly diagnose the issue
  9. Assuming you're on windows, and your game is installed somewhere like D:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World Open the command prompt (windowns menu and type "cmd" if you don't know how to use it) and run the following: cd D:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin ^^ substituting the location if your game is installed somewhere else (if it has a space you might need quotes around the path), e.g. cd "C:\Program Files\DCS World\bin" Then run: ./DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta
  10. Don't forget to use the EXP FOV on the mav, seems to help
  11. Sounds like a dual binding with an axis control. Double check in the category where you select the aircraft, there are some options not specific to aircraft that allow an axis binding
  12. Used the T.Flight pedals for about a year, just recently upgraded to virpils. The T.Flight ones are great for the price, and until you decide you want to splash out they'll work fine
  13. To clarify further, if the server considered the enemy place to already be dead, you likely would not see the missle fired on tacview either
  14. Never heard about that phenomenon before, I use a 165Hz monitor, typically get around 100 fps in DCS and have had no issues with stuttering in trackir. For what it's worth, I can highly recommend the AORUS FI27Q 27 Inch IPS QHD (2560 x 1440) 165 Hz FreeSync/G-Sync monitor, it doesn't suffer from the overstated "gamer" aesthetic that many monitors seem to, it's high Hz, variable refresh rate, and a decent price (plus dcs kind of sufffers going over 1440p).
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