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  1. Is there any point in filling out the crash report in the client in the event of a crash?
  2. I am very excited about this patch, very good job, thank you very much for it!
  3. I always have the problem with the SC that two planes that spawn next to each other damage each other ... I would be very grateful for a definition of the parking slots! +11
  4. one point to add... the reaction time of the web GUI of the dedicated server is also different. stable: all work fine even through remote desktop connection (firefox opened directly on the windows server desktop) beta version: - very long-term reaction time of the web gui - webgui dont loading configuration like bind ip address or the mission list
  5. I don't just want to moan, I want to help to solve the problem. That's why I tested a lot and tried different constellations. The fact is that maps / missions that ran fine before the last three OpenBeta patches no longer want to work at all. Symptoms: - From the patch 55363 onwards, lags and desyncs occurred with a longer mission time (a restart fixed it), which got worse with the subsequent patches until it is no longer executable - long-term connection of the client to the server, ATC and chat messages react approx. 10 minutes later, planes fly backwards, some exterior views have no gr
  6. i have the same issue with a small password secured server... map is syria. after the last two patches it got worse. AI Planes flying backwards... some AI Planes are stuck in the ground., Connection to the server very long... ATC message or damage messages in caht are about 10 minutes too late... and this with only 4 playes max. Server is a vserver with 10GB RAM and 6 core intel CPU. i dont get... i tried different maps... also with a mostly "naked" caucasus map... same issues...
  7. na nicht gleich die Tränendrüsen auspacken, arm sind wir nicht, weder finanziell noch geistig ;-) die "Fehler" machen hier nicht die Politiker sondern das Beschaffungsamt.
  8. Interessant ist dabei die Tatsache, dass man überrascht ist, dass auch ein Hubschrauber von der Stange a) an die eigenen Bedürfnisse angepasst und b) wenn man Teile oder Services hier im Land bei den deutschen Firmen halten will, dass beides Mehrkosten verursacht... die vorhersehbar sind. Als ob das zum ersten Mal gemacht würde ;)
  9. to solve my problem... the Destination Zone must be in range... so set maxdistance to higher value, it works... but error message is pretty confusing. :-) and... i use RAT on Syria... it is functional...
  10. look at the destruction of a airplane for example...
  11. this is my script... it works except for flying out of the map via a trigger zone: local c17_2={} c17_2.outbound=RAT:New("RAT_C-17", "C17 Europe") c17_2.outbound:SetTerminalType(AIRBASE.TerminalType.OpenBig) c17_2.outbound:SetDestination("RAT Zone A") c17_2.outbound:StatusReports(true) c17_2.outbound:SetMaxDistance(350) c17_2.outbound:SetSpawnDelay(1200) c17_2.outbound:SetSpawnInterval(1200) c17_2.outbound:SetTakeoff("cold") c17_2.outbound:RespawnInAirNotAllowed() c17_2.outbound:RespawnAfterTakeoff() c17_2.outbound:Spawn(1) could be the problem that the trigger zone does not allow space
  12. what do you want to hear? i had similar problems and i got it... with exercise and a litte bit configuration of my stick... deadlock and sensitivity... i did not blame you... I'm sorry I didn't give the answer you wanted to hear ;)
  13. what do you mean? yes, i did a inflight alignment of the INS. may this could be the reason? i dont think so... i tried it several times and with correct alignment on ground too. The AUTO Mode has also a strange behavior... if you mark a target with the pod and fly directly to the target, the vertical line wanders from the corner to the middle until the release point. thats new for me and pretty tricky to find the correct approach angle.
  14. i have a strange behavior... the targeting in CCIP Mode on the Hornet is messed up. (look at the screenshots) i can not aim anymore and get only a horizontal line... second issue: after a while we got stuttering and game freezes. Version: Planes: F-18 Hornets Map: Syria
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