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  1. There is a countdown timer once selected. The MAV-F will show STBY on the STORES page until they are ready, and will show RDY. You can't uncage until the RDY indication.
  2. I don't know about Real Life tm but I think that it is a concession to gameplay since the change was made to allow the Harrier to taxi on idle power. In real life, there is no such thing as jumping into a hot jet on the runway with everything running. I would imagine real pilots would just hold the wheel brakes after taxiing to the runway.
  3. Hi Elmo, Actually, I only tested from an Air Start. In the TRK, the code was set to 1688 and I changed it BACK to 1111 in the air. I did not try taking off without changing the code, but I am assuming that the creator of the YOUTUBE video in the linked post did exactly that. I tested with GBU-12 from an Air Start, changing code from 1688 to 1111 and it tracked perfectly. I did not try a GBU-16. Update: I confirmed it also works with an Air Start, GBU-16. TRK attached. GBU16_Code_1111.trk
  4. You should be able to just use the buttons or keybinds from WP Increment/Decrement to get to a Markpoint. With DESG boxed, that should give you targeting. I think WP INCREMENT LONG syncs the System Designated Target Point to the Steerpoint..but I honestly seldom use it.
  5. I posted this here: but didn't get any responses. In the YOUTUBE video and in my experience, the Laser Code can be left as 1111 and still work for AGM-65E and GBU-12 In the past I thought the Laser Codes for the AV-8B had similar restrictions as for the F/A-18 and 1111 should NOT be a valid code. Track is attached. Note, that in the first attack, it was a little off and didn't destroy the Chemical Tank, but you can see the impact smoke in the TPOD. The second attack against an APC clearly impacted on the spot. In both cases, the AGM-65E locked up the 1111
  6. If you hide the stick, it also hides the throttle and you can easily see the parking brake. OR just map it to a key combo since you only need to use it infrequently.
  7. I happened to watch this video and noticed that they engaged and destroyed a target with AGM-65E leaving the LASER CODE at 1111. (Attack starts at about 20:00) I didn't think this was possible. Did the enforcement of valid Laser Codes get nerfed in a recent update? EDIT: Just tried it myself and can confirm that AGM-65E and GBU-12 guide with code set to 1111 Bug??
  8. You can designate a point on the ground with another system (TGP, HUD, WP) and slave the Maverick seeker to it. Then when you UNDESIGNATE the target, the MAV seeker will stay at the (last) slaved Location. Not perfect, but workable. Here's an example of this starting from a WP designation
  9. Training mission is out of date. In order to use AUTO (CCRP) with any munition you MUST have the DESG boxed on the EHSD..
  10. OK that makes sense.. thought it was odd to put it that way.
  11. Yes, I used to always press pickle and wait for the laser to lock, mainly because when I was having the issue, it would never leave the rails when holding it down, so I was being careful to make sure there was a lock. Now that I have confidence, I will just hold down PICKLE when ready to fire and let the missile decide it is ready to go. Either way works.
  12. As noted in another thread on the main forum, I saw a different behavior in the current patch. This was against static target. I didn't try MOVERS which is where I mainly had the "MOVE TDC AWAY FROM MAVE PAGE TO LOCK" Instead of doing a sequential PICKLE...wait for solid box...pickle, I held down the pickle. PREVIOUSLY the MAVE would not come off the rails if there wasn't a solid laser track. NOW it seemed that holding down pickle, the MAVE left the rails and immediately AFTER launch the solid box and MAV LKED symbology appeared and the missile tracked to the target, though I might
  13. Interesting: Full MAV Video with AGM-65E????? Hey Chief of Naval Operations is this a bug??
  14. Haven't tried with GBU-24, but it SHOULD work like other LGB's against moving targets: Point Track with TPOD or get a GMTT Radar track (which will keep the TPOD on target as well). Lase throughout the flight. I guess GBU-24 requires TRIG to fire laser throughout.
  15. But you can set the proper ICLS Channel from the UFC with the ILS button.
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