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  1. IMHO there are 2 show stopper bugs: At least there is a workaround for the second one, but the first really breaks GPS guided TOO use.
  2. Do you mean the Paid Virtual Desktop App or the built in Oculus Virtual Desktop option that pops up when LINK is established? I never knew there were settings for the latter. Here's a funny anecdote regarding the Cable: In another thread there is a discussion of whether turning on the Pilot Body helps or hinders immersion. For fun, I turned it on. In the AV8B the Pilot Body includes an oxygen hose hanging on the chest area. It was almost exactly where my LINK cable was lying and I honestly felt like I was feeling the oxygen hose from the Pilot Body!!
  3. I don't think the issue is boxing DESG. The issue is that if the TARGET that is designated is outside the field of view of the DMT, it will show INS rather than TV. As you bring the nose around within the FOV limits of the TV sensor, you will get the TV image of the designated target. At least this is my experience. I think you are confusing the LST symbology with the INS symbology.
  4. Well, I guess I answered my own question. I set the Encode Resolution to 0 in the Tray tool and didn't see any difference. Of course, I also tried bumping up the Oculus Resolution with this setting at 0 and didn't really see any difference there either .
  5. So, in the video below (not DCS related) the guy says that the Encode Resolution setting in Debug/Tray tool is no longer needed as it is handled by the Resolution Slider in the Oculus App. Is this true? If so, which one takes precedence? Have I been locking myself out of the higher res on the Slider by setting a value in the other tools? Most of the DCS specific videos (Tactical Pascale etc..) still recommend a value for this setting.
  6. So I tried it, and it worked perfectly for me. When you said: I have 6 JDAMs loaded from a previously sucessful JDAM mission. Did you mean you took off, fired off some JDAMS, then landed and reset targets, or refueled and took off again? I seem to recall some bug reports about issues when landing, re-arming and taking off again. In my case: - ARM with JDAM (I used 4 rather than 6) -F10 Map - Put down 4 Target Points - SHF-CTL-8 (or whatever it is) to bring in the Targets. - VIEW on CAS RCALL page - Select JDAM and tick off
  7. Yep. Works well. I do the same with FLIR in the other DDI. The trick for me was Gripes' suggestion to designate the ship and then Point Track (AUTO TRACK in ATFLIR). I was hung up on leading the target for a point track like a vehicle, but for the big ship it wasn't necessary. Got the POINT TRACK and the LASER spot right in the middle of the deck. Still think it is a BUG that the Radar drops track when you put the TDC in the FLIR, but it makes this handoff process much easier.
  8. Some updates were made. - EHSD: DESG must be boxed for any AUTO drop, including JDAM. - PICKLE needs to be held for ~1-1.5 second before JDAM is released. Here is a more recent video..
  9. Some of this behavior (FLIR assuming designation priority). IN previous builds the Radar retained track unless heroic measures were taken to get the FLIR in priority. In my last several attempts, similar to the TRK I posted, the FLIR did maintain the PTRK when the radar went out of GIMBAL. The FLIR losing PTRK (for me) seems to have been due to something else.
  10. Both of you are right. Once you have the link you don't NEED Virtual Desktop. In my experience, however, this is the BEST method for assuring DCS will open properly in the Headset. When I have simply LAUNCHED from the PC while LINK was active, even though on screen it seemed to be opening in VR, it was not appearing in the headset, or it would initially show the launch screen and then CLOSE. The Virtual Desktop method was just the one I had consistent success with, so I do it that way.
  11. Yeah, in the track, I was oblique, very near broadside. I tried again approaching longitudinally and yes, the cross was on the ship that time. I didn't try an initial designation followed by PTRK. Good idea to establish the designation first. I have been used to the "lead the target" to achieve PTRK which makes sense for smaller vehicles, but not necessary for a big honking ship!! I was also disappointed at how little damage 4xGBU12 or 2x GBU-16 did to that ship (when they hit). 4xGBU-12 amidships did 7% damage. I also rearmed and fired 2 Harpoons and two Mavericks, all of which w
  12. So here is a track showing what I meant about the Centroid being off. Point Track on the big ship. Designate, and the cross is JUST off the ship. Kept the PTRK throughout the GBU flight. Impacts exactly at the designation, and misses. I did this in VR so not sure how the track will play back. Flir centroid off.trk
  13. Yes, always. Forgot to add that I also did a TDC Depress after the PTRK to be sure the laser was on the target. HONESTLY I didn't think this SHOULD be necessary as the FLIR is already following the moving target, but when I don't the bombs always fall near the point of the original track and miss by a lot.
  14. I just saw this, or something similar! -SEA==>FTT track Right DDI (vector pointer on contact showing speed and direction) -FLIR in LEFT DDI - Slew FLIR ahead of the ship and manipulate SCS until PTRK, Designate. Radar track turns to a + over the target. Strangely, it continues to FOLLOW the brick. - DROP GBU.. - PTRK gets lost. I honestly didn't notice if the RADAR track dropped at the same time as the HUD label showed Designation by FLIR, and in the Radar DDI there was a + over the target NOT the SEA Track with the direction Vector so it SEEMED to be foll
  15. As stated above, DO make sure that the VR option (run in Headset) is enabled in the DCS Options->VR. Beyond that: I have had the best success with QUEST 2 (AIR LINK or CABLE) by using the following: - Activate the Link -Enable Virtual Desktop -Browse to my DCS/bin folder, and open the executable (I always use the DCS_Updater.exe) by double mouse clicking. -After a bit I see the starting screen in the Headset and it's off to the races. I have had MIXED results just opening up from the Desktop while LINK is connected and having i
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