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  1. I've tested MIN, MAX and various other configurations in the NVIDIA control panel and DCS settings and always have the stutter. So I don't think its related to video settings. And I'm using the Ultimate Performance power plan and still getting the stutter - I tested Normal and Ultimate. USB Mouse? Wireless or Wired? I just flew the F-18 on the Syria map but never enabled my mouse and had NO stutter. I'm using a wireless mouse via a Unifying USB receiver. It could be that I'm so used to seeing the stutter that I don't see it anymore. LOL I'll t
  2. @Fakum Have you had any luck with limiting or getting rid of the stuttering?
  3. Has anybody seen this? Was wondering if it changes how you use V-Sync. NVIDIA: V-Sync OFF Not Recommended as a Global Setting Starting (guru3d.com) driver version 461.09 and later supports multiplane overlay (MPO).
  4. @THERION I'm glad you asked that, because it made me take a closer look at it. This is what the 2020 manual says about it. The Preload Radius MAX value is 150000, so using my trusty convert app, I found that it equals 150 kilometers. (150000 meters = 150 kilometers) Hmmm? Now that raises some questions about this part of the manual. The key words are 'Radius' and 'around'; so the area in front, behind and on each side of your aircraft. ( please correct me, if I'm wrong ) In my test, I can't see a difference between
  5. Ahh, now I get it. @FakumCan you describe your micro-stutters? Like I said I see micro-stutters on my computer but I don't have a G-SYNC monitor, so maybe I'm not experiencing what you are.
  6. I understand! In order for me to enjoy DCS the way I wanted to I had to replace my 10yr old custom built system. I thought I would wait for things to settle down(price\availability) and build my new system with 2020\2021 parts. But from reading the news and also paying attention to what was not being said, I figured that this situation is going to last longer than I wanted to wait. So I started looking at companies that build gaming computers. I found many that had the CPU\GPU combo I wanted but would cost considerably more than if I built it myself. But they had the
  7. I was curious if anybody has tried the automatic GPU tuner in the beta version of GeForce Experience. If so, can you say that it works or not? Thanks,
  8. @Fakum Stop chasing the FPS* holy grail *(I'm including the stuttering with FPS) I read many post about FPS\Perfomance\VideoQuality\GraphicsCardEnhancments\WindowsYESNOsettings\etc., on this site as well as ALL of the accompanying youTube videos that come with those post. I made so many changes, based on the last 'best' thread or video, that my FPS and video quality was degrading and I couldn't remember what the game looked like before those changes. So I started testing my own system to see if I could notice what each setting did or did not do. I have probably spent ove
  9. Last night I tested this but I pressed ALT+ENTER right after I logged in and didn't see a jump in FPS when I started a mission. This morning I started a mission and then pressed ALT+ENTER and did see a jump in FPS. I then tried it in several other missions and maps but did not see the jump in FPS. @HiobFrom your experience, does it need to be initialized from an active mission to work? AND Once it has been initiated, does it work for the duration of my log-in no matter which aircraft\mission\map I'm in? Thanks
  10. A note about SSAA. It wasn't until I read the manual did I understand what it was and how it should be used. But the most important information I read was that it should not be used with MSAA. It also says that SSAA is for the top-of-the-range graphics cards and very powerful systems. After I read that I ran some test on my system and the only changes were MSAA and SSAA. My average FPS with MSAA 4x was 67. My average FPS with SSAA x2 was 46. I didn't test it with both on. hehe @Fakum I would try just changing this with yo
  11. So does that insure Exclusive Fullscreen? This guide from NVIDIA suggest to run in Exclusive Fullscreen. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/guides/system-latency-optimization-guide/ This is from the DCS manual. I though having the box checked was ensuring Exclusive Full screen. Is there a way to put something in the autoexec.cfg file that automatically uses ALT+ENTER? hehe
  12. I stopped using Depth of Field after I saw this in the manual. Until I read that I had no idea what Bokeh was hehe.
  13. I've been in the process of analyzing and benchmarking my system so I would personally know what 'does' and 'does not' affect my FPS. I decided to do this because many of the DCS guides related to FPS performance contradict each other and even contradict what's in the manual. A quick look at my data and I've found that SSLR doesn't affect my FPS as much as SSAA does. I've been testing different settings individually and haven't gotten to SSLR yet but thought I'd run a quick test to see if I have the same performance hit as you do. Test = F-18 Mission - Supercarrier Deck Populat
  14. @joemama619"the whole reason I was trying to trim to level flight was that my nose kept pitching up" I have that problem with all of the FC3 planes and it's a result of the rudder setting. Go into controls and clear the rudder setting and fly the plane again. I just had to do that on the A-10A because the nose kept pitching up. I deleted the rudder settings and that went away. I can't explain why either.
  15. I didn't link the forum post I pulled that from but it was from a one I created asking if the fuel weight/balance was causing my trim problems. Didn't think you'd want to read it so I didn't link it.
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