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  1. I bought my first module back in May and was curious why certain geo-political areas of our globe were NOT part of DCS. I mean, this is a combat simulator that is extremely realistic, so why not have realistic geo-political hot spots available to campaign in? I flew Falcon GOLD and still have every map that came with it: Kashmir, Korea, Kurile Islands, Israel and several others. Most of those areas of the globe are still hot spots today! So I was caught off-guard when they were not included or even up for discussion as being added in the future. Over the past few months I've heard seve
  2. Do you know about the User Files section? It's a place where other users post missions they create for others to download and fly. I've found some pretty cool missions by some talented people. From the main DCS webpage click Downloads and then User Files, or click here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/ I did a quick search for F-5 missions and here's the result: F-5 Missions Here's one that might be up your alley. Operation Avar PAW F5-E3 Tiger II (PVE training) V1.1 When you want to up your game there are several user cr
  3. Mission 04 feedback. Between Waypoint 2 and 3 another F15 catches up to me and takes up a position about 2 meters right behind me. It follows my every move, turn for turn, up or down. I've flown this mission several times but always ended the mission after flying past waypoint 3, so that F15 has never been a problem. When I decided to fly to the next waypoints and actually try land - I ran into an issue. As I was making my final approach the plane behind me, dips way down and then back up and crashes into me. Killing both of us. At mission end I received this message: "You have comm
  4. These are excellent! At first I thought the talking was too fast but its just right when a mission is ran more than once. I've only gotten through 6 missions. That 7th missions is a killer - literally! I've died 6 times so far and haven't seen the runway yet. LOL What I like about these missions are that they don't try to cram everything about the aircraft into 4-5 missions. I can take my time and re-run them easily and quickly if I don't understand something. I've even ran through the start-up and taxi missions a few times trying to fine-tune my HOTAS settings. :) Thanks for pu
  5. Thanks! I'll be starting these later tonight :) AND YES! I would use the A-10A if you had them.
  6. Do you have rudder pedals attached to your throttle? I had to disable my rudder pedals to stop that roll.
  7. This could be the problem I had. Since the last update I've had to un-bind my rudder pedals. When they are mapped every plane begins to roll when in the air. The FC3 planes were the worst, log into the A-10A in the air and i'm in a barrel roll straight to the ground. Unbind my Rudder pedals and log back into the plane - she fly's straight and level. So now I have rudder pedals that I only use for braking. The rudder pedals worked great before this last update.
  8. Until I read this post, I had no idea that aircraft was part of FC3. I went and re-read the product description for FC3 and the J-11A is not mentioned there. After checking around in DCS I found that about the only way to fly the thing is to create a mission for it. Looks like a pretty slick plane, not sure why they hide it. :)
  9. Have you checked the User Files page for a Profile for your stick and throttle? You can find the page here: Home > User Files I usually try to find one that matches my HOTAS and fly with it a couple times, then I'll make changes that suit me. This helps with learning everything, or almost everything, about your control settings. I did a quick searched for Thrustmaster Warthog and came up with these: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305013/?sphrase_id=4171083 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3305012/?sphrase_id=4171083 Not sure if this is yours, but
  10. Man some of you people have issues. Many of the statements I made were in jest. Nowhere in my post do I 'rant and rage' about my experience. I have mearly state my thoughts and experiences, so I'm sorry if my experiences have caused you grief. I don't believe I stated that I was looking for instant gratification. I was explaining some of the reasons people don't stick with DCS, since I've seen that question many places on this forum, and since it is an issue I was just sharing my thoughts. If you could see the total number of total deaths I've accumulated in DCS, you'd probab
  11. On the training missions. It would be nice to have the same type of missions available for each aircraft. The F-18 has 20 training missions compared to only 8 for the F-16. A few of the F-18 missions: Air to Air Gun Air to Ground Gun Aim9 Air to Air Aim120 Air to Air Unguided rockets ccip bombing Manual bombing auto bombing high drag bombing canister bombing And the F-16 versions: SMS page and CCIP bombs ccip HD bombs ccrp cluster bombs NO gun or missile missions for the F-16? My take on how the training missions should have been implemented. First off, they shou
  12. I looked at and changed that but because it didn't look like it change much I never logged in and tested it. I just tested it now and it works like I wanted it to. THANKS!
  13. Hello, I've got a question about the Thrust setting for the TWCS Throttle. It defaults to having a forward and back motion. back <-> center <-> forward (-100) <-> 0 <-> (+100) I'd like to get rid of the back motion and have the throttle go from 0-100 0 <-> (+100) As far as I know, none of the DCS aircraft have reverse and so far the throttles I've used behave in the manner of (0 <-> 100). How can I make my throttle work the same way? Thanks for any help you can give.
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