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  1. Would you be able to share with us what was wrong after you guys correct it? Just got super curious after this 40+ page discussion. In layman's terms of course.
  2. Is it just me or is anyone crashing more with the F-14? It seems like crashes are more likely if I switch to or from the F-14. If I just stay with the Hornet, it loads just fine. At least it seems like it.
  3. Flappie, My export.lua has nothing in it. 0KB. The file is there, but no content.
  4. try inserting this line into your autoexec.cfg input = { threaded_ffb = false } I had the same problem and this fixed it. good luck
  5. Tried creating a custom resolution in radeon software and it works perfectly. Should have searched more before posting.
  6. I'm on a WQHD monitor(3440x1440). However, fps was a bit disappointing at this level of resolution, so I lowered the resolution at the DCS options to 2580x1080(preserving the 21:9 ratio). The game starts up fine at full screen, but the menu buttons correlate to the windowed(2580x1080) position. I can ALT-ENTER out of full screen and confirm this position, and when I ALT-ENTER back to full screen, the correlation is fixed, but ONLY for the menus. Once the game starts, non of the cockpit controls correlate to the fullscreen position(it does match the windowed position). ALT-ENTERing ou
  7. My last crash was kind of weird. The game crashed during F-14 free flight loading screen, gave a "unfortunately DCS has crashed, allow dxdiag.exe blah blah" pop-up, but I could alt-tab back to the game and start playing, WITHOUT PLANE SOUNDS. could hear the slight low frequency sounds when pulling back on the stick, but else nothing. No engines or button clicking sounds. I did crash the plane and that's when sound came back to life. The crashing sound and F2 view and sounds of other planes. I then ESCed to end the flight and that's when DCS proceeded to crash for real. Had to a
  8. Not sure if this crash is relevant to the second mission crash, but I never had any crashes except the second mission crash and then this started to happen so here goes; Started up DCS(steam version), went straight to Syria free flight on the Hornet, pressed ESC and started adjusting controls. Half way through, BAM. CTD. Was not flying, paused. Logs attached. EDIT : I am no longer getting second mission load crashes since I am crashing during the first mission loading or in flight. I'm assuming the last small update is the culprit? More crash logs attached.
  9. Didn't work for me. DCS froze during mission loading screen, didn't let me alt+shf+del nor alt+tab. hard reset.
  10. Just DDUed the AMD graphics drivers and installed the newly released May-1 drivers. No crashes..yet.
  11. For me, 2.7 was working fine.. until I installed some official mods(fc3 and syria; could be coincidence, not sure). bignewy advised on deleting all unofficial mods and doing an integrity check, which I did. Worked fine for a day, but started crashing again I did get the security center thing in the event viewer.. attached are log files. dcs.log dcs.log-20210506-021734.zip dcs.log-20210507-004400.zip
  12. Thanks for the help! I know it's a weekend and I really appreciate it. Back to flying!
  13. I'm not actually sure but ever since I installed Syria and FC3 during the last weekend steam sale, DCS crashes to desktop. This never happened before. I uninstalled FC3, checked file integrities, deleted fxo and metashaders folders but no joy. Crashes happen during loading screen and never during actual gaming. Any help would be greatly appreciated! dcs.log dcs.log-20210502-111509.zip
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