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  1. My jetseat stopped working today. Just says jetseat not detected? I have tried installing the latest version - that wont launch at all so have gone back to the previous version. Also tried updating the firmware as suggested on the website - this doesn't appear to update as described either. Any thoughts?
  2. I found this really useful for the F-18. Is there an F-14 version as well? Regards
  3. There are a few good YouTube videos on how to do this that even I can follow. If you get stack I can dig out the links.
  4. I’m fairly new to DCS and very new to Cold War but it’s the only server worth playing. I haven’t been around long enough to know or understand some of the problems being raised but hopefully there are enough people who do appreciate your effort.
  5. Is there anyway to adjust the mirrors- I don’t find the default angle particularly useful?
  6. Yes you are right I was mentally converting back to MPH @ 350 and not knots. Been flying the sabre a bit recently which is 180 for gear down. Do you need to set this up in axis commands as this didn’t appear to work for me (slow speed on the pan).
  7. I remember something similar on German motorway junction exits as well..
  8. That did the trick - it didn’t like PDF.
  9. Cheers guys - I’ll try those. thanks.
  10. I'm having trouble with the kneeboard, I have created a folder called AJS37 in my saved games folder (where I have a couple for other planes) but the items I have put in there are not appearing in game. Any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong? Thanks.
  11. Added some curves in - much better. Part of the start up procedure is to set the magnetic variance - should there be a marker on the adjuster? Or is it already set by ground crew or is it not modeled in game?
  12. Yes I almost found that out the hard way!!!! Is the best solution to add some curves or just get better? Thank you. Wow that's fast for the undercarriage - almost double other aircraft.
  13. Thanks - I have been reading the Chucks guide as well and may have missed the answers but I didn't spot them on my first skim through.
  14. A couple more questions after a few hours flying this weekend. What is the safe speed to drop landing gear? The manual suggests using auto throttle on approach - 550kph - then goes on to say it will also maintain correct AOA for landing. How do you get the plane to slow down if its trying to maintain 550? Do you need to turn it off and then back on after you slow down? How do you change between nose wheel steering and rudder when on the ground? Its a quirky plane for sure but somehow its reeling me in.
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