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  1. So...I think I'm not getting how the TGP point/area track works I set up a simple mission with a couple of APCs; one of them has a waypoint right on top of it, so I - turn on TGP - take off - laser/master arm on - set A/G mode - set CCRP - select TGP on left screen - select left screen as SOI At this point, I can see the APC right at the center of the crosshair, but if I slew the cursor and select TMS UP I don't get the POINT TRACK and the camera starts to wander around; it gets back pointing at the APC if I press TMS DOWN but when I press TMS UP again it goes back to wandering around and still no POINT TRACK If I don't slew the cursor at all, POINT TRACK appears and I can succesfully fire the laser and launch the GBU but I don't think this is the correct behavior. Attaching a trk with the first behavior Am I doing something wrong? I watched a couple of videos and read up a little but can't pinpoint my issue Thanks everyone :) F16 tgp.trk
  2. I'm experiencing the same issue in single player; as a workaround, if you keep the button pressed and pull the stick a little it seems to remain engaged. Not a solution of course, but you may find it useful
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