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  1. I uninstalled this update but sadly no change.
  2. Thanks. Yeah i have tried that one to but no luck either.
  3. Do you know which version number the Feb driver is?
  4. To be fair it could still be a driver configuration issue. I actually removed my Nvidia driver with Wagnards DDU tool and tried a number of older drivers without success though. So, i'm leaning towards it being a delivery issue with the update. It would be good if anyone out there who isn't getting those shader errors in the log could check and see if they have those missing files.
  5. I'm getting the same issue. 30fps drop across the board with all the same shader errors in the log. Tried everything suggested even completely re-installing DCS to no joy. So, i did a bit of digging. Here's a list of files DCS says it can't open in the directory bazar/shaders/enlight/ clouds.fx clouds.hlsl cloudscommon.hlsl cloudsfunctions.hlsl cloudsraymarch.hlsl cloudssampling.hlsl cloudspreprocess.fx cloudsupsampling.fx cloudlighting.fx clouddetail.fx cloudnoise.hlsl cloudssdf.hlsl cloudscompute.fx
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