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  1. I experienced this about 3 times as well. Always happens at exact spot and only with A10C-II. No plane in front of me. Too consistent to be considered random weather effect.
  2. You have to right click on the Saved Games folder, Properties, Location, specify new location and then choose Move. Can't just drag/move it.
  3. I'm talking about use of acronyms. Not standardizing what features are called.
  4. I wouldn't be able to search any on Russian jets then...
  5. Can we make airfield ATC you take off from always #1 on comms ATC list? So we can program hotkeys?
  6. May be off topic but these common features should have same name so they can be searched. Some plane says RDR, some say ANT, some say Radar... Heading, HDG... Guess it'd be a wish list item.
  7. I didn't mean perfection literally and you're still missing the point. You were talking about trimming until it flies itself and now you're saing just assist. Which is actually what I and many others have said. Did anyone here say don't use trim? Which answer was painful to see?
  8. I thought I answered that. Significant is relative term. What's significant to me may not be for you. The video shows you frames per second between two CPU's. And he clearly answers your question in Conclusion part. I don't think you need to be techy or able to translate metrics to understand FPS?
  9. Thanks but I'm not sure how long ago that was but DCS 2.7 uses all cores now. Seems to use more of physical cores than logical cores but still is frametime difference between turning SMT on or off. I am aware of Ryzen Master but I prefer to do it in BIOS. Also, I'm guessing you haven't tried undervolting? There's no excuse for not doing it. Even with stock HSF. Mine benchmarks at 5080Mhz with same voltage and heat. Versus 4700Mhz in Auto. I used exact setting he used in the video below. With -30.
  10. I'd say yes based on this comparison to 5600X. But only you can decide if the performance is worth your money. AMD Ryzen 5600x vs 3700x in Sim Racing & VR (Wow! What a difference!) - YouTube
  11. I do try to trim to perfection in MSFS 2020. Question was trimming during "combat".
  12. I think I figured out the issue. It was heat. All the reviews said stock HSF is fine for "normal usage" if you're not overclocking. They must be talking about browsing internet. Stock HSF is not fine for gaming. Not for CPU intensive game like DCS. I did have Corsair H60 AIO that I used for i7-4790K. I was saving it for when I build another server with that old chip. And most reviews said stock HSF is "fine" so that's what I used on the 5600X. But now, I put that AIO and the stutter is gone and temperature is 15' celcius cooler. And yes, the stock HSF was mounted properly.
  13. My upgrade should've been bigger jump as I went from i7-4770K to 5600X. With GTX-1080. There was improvement like loading time and less stutter in mission with a lot of ground units. But I wouldn't say it was huge. Frametime for the most part remained same which is what I expected.
  14. Opinion on AMD setting seems to be all over the place. I don't like these guys video because they never get to the point but the question this video is addressing is similar to my issue. I seem to be getting frame stutter with default when cores auto throttle. But again, benchmarks higher. AMD's Precision Boost Overdrive — Turn PBO OFF to Improve Performance? - YouTube All TPU1 does is fix core multiplier. And doesn't increase wattage. And it generates less heat because the CPU seems to generate most heat when they're running at 4.6Ghz. And with TPU1, it doesn't get that
  15. Thanks, I love the layout. Is there way to stop default from repopulating with every update?
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