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  1. Mission 8 of Operation Piercing Fury for A10C-II. Georgian ground forces stuck at the bridge. Not sure if this is AI issue or the map issue. It's frustrating to lose hours of progress because of these bugs. And I'm running into so many.
  2. I don't see how it's combinations. One setting is not related to the other. In-game PD has nothing to do with Nvidia Texture filtering Quality setting. Nor in game Shadow Quality has anything to do with Windows Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling. There's only 5 settings that I can think of that really affects performance. And they're not "combinations" Nvidia settings and Windows settings are out of ED's control. You can watch optimization guide videos for MSFS and you will find exactly same tweaking advice on Windows settings. Fullscreen optimizations, Hardware Acceler
  3. Taz1004

    Better Smoke

    We'll have to see but it is my hope that this mod becomes obsolete.
  4. I believe only thing that will improve it is to increase visib range to Extreme which should move it further away.
  5. Maybe it's my 3 year old PC but it takes just as long to start MSFS once (from its asobo logo animation, to the disclaimer, to world update checks) than restart DCS 4 times. I don't dare start MSFS unless I'm really motivated for it.
  6. It's there at top of your briefing under Title. Just substitute P with 0. And don't click "End Mission" if you don't want to move on.
  7. I don't know if this is the map issue, or A10C issue, or the mission issue, or correct as is so I'm just posting it here because I came across it while playing A10C mission. I was playing mission 7 of Piercing Fury trying to land at Kutaisi under rain/fog. And I couldn't find its ILS. Not on CDU Divert page nor on F10 map. I see ILS info on Kobuleti just fine. But not Kutaisi. Is this correct that Kutaisi doesn't have ILS?
  8. Why I said VA isn't an option for me. I wasn't criticizing F14 or its implementation by HeatBlur. I think they did a fine job. I was simply stating why it isn't for ME.
  9. Not just better and more voice, but its mechanic is very much needed. Right now, they're holding off on training missions on EA modules like F-16 because things are likely to change. And whenever something change, they have to redo the voice overs. Like in A10C-II there are some incorrect voices in training missions. And recording voices alone is a lot of work but when you're revising just a portion, it's even more difficult because you have to match that voice to the previous recording. Or have to re-record everything. And then they have to sync it with the text. With Text t
  10. Haha, so you can't do this. User Snap View Saving is checked. I moved the camera to bottom corner and saved it. Then I'm moving and pressing center view to show snapping to saved position works. Closed and restarted DCS. It starts at the position I saved. Snapping still works. Just to be sure, I move the camera to top right and forward and save. Making sure it's saved by snapping it again. This time before I exit, I move the camera to center but WITHOUT saving. DCS restarted and I'm at the last SAVED position. Not the position I e
  11. No one's saying it causes stutter for everyone. When someone says DCS crashes all the time, first thing ED asks is "Do you have any mods?". That doesn't mean all mods cause crash for everyone. It just means it's a common cause.
  12. Monitoring apps are Windows process. Not tied to specific games. You say it slows down your system but doesn't effect DCS? Well, I'm not gonna try to convince anyone.
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