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  1. This looks cool! I am getting one (that is if I have the extra mo). It's a good match for lomac:fc. http://www.emagin.com/3dvisor/
  2. Browsing the Ace Combat 5 site, the Su-37 is flyable in this game.
  3. You are right...unless they want to save up and use average computers.. :mrgreen:
  4. In 1.1, will G-overload and speed overload ultimately break the craft piece by piece?
  5. I think that the LOMAC code should be optimized further to allow average machines to run at least 30 fps over cities and during massive dogfights before it can be a military product. Don't get me wrong, I love LOMAC.
  6. Man..that's sad. So what would we expect then for the future sims?
  7. Hi Devs! I saw how cool this fighter was. The nozzles control is simply great. I hope this plane will appear in future add-ons or on an entirely new sim!
  8. Cirrus clouds are found around 18000 feet so I guess if the devs should add this cloud type, they should probably make it similar to a haze effect since these types are thin and wispy clouds. They can be simple cirrus (thin, icy wisps), cirrocumulus (puffy), or cirrostratus (flat, sheetlike clouds). Status clouds are quite easy because it is similar to the haze. These type of cloud is found in different altitudes varying from high level (above 20,000 ft.), middle level (6,500-20,000 ft.), and low level (below 6,500 ft.). Nimbostratus are dark, low-level clouds accompanied by light to mo
  9. Maybe this can be in the lowest priority in the next version of Lock On. Can there be different cloud types? So far all clouds I've seen are either the overcast of the fluffy ones. I believe there are more cloud types like the cirrus clouds found on the high altitudes or the altocumulus found in mid-altitude. As far as I can remember in my primary school days there can be combinations of cirrus, stratus, cumulus and nimbus clouds. Could these be modeled in Lock On?
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