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  1. Sewo

    Easy mode AAR

    That's whole idea in `Wish List` section on forum. Like, wow, that's the point! For you. But there are people that would love to see this. So this is simple not true That's not yours work to decide that. Or you are PM in ED, but I don't thing so
  2. Sewo

    Easy mode AAR

    That slow down argument is silly. This is `Wish List` section, not `Let's be better Product Managers than ED`.
  3. Sewo

    Easy mode AAR

    I cannot believe that someone is against this idea. Why? Easy AAR would be option. If you like it then you turn it on. If not then dissable it. There is literally no single reason to not add this. Just look at pros and cons. Pros: Someone could enjoy it Cons: Literally nothing, because if you don't like it then you turn it off
  4. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/201883-hps-reverb-vr-pro-headset/?do=findComment&comment=3910636 It's more then 1 and half year without any news to share.
  5. Hi. Harpoons shot from B-52 do crazy stuff, track attached to post. Short video https://streamable.com/c3cbzl Also, B-52 descent to 19k feets even that waypoints are set to 27k LastMissionTrack.trk
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